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March 29, 2003

Well .. this has been a busy week .. seems that each week I end up putting more hours into work than the week before. 'Tis really ok since all I have at home is the radio to listen too ;) My project at work seems to be coming along nicely and am in someways I am anxious to get back to work.

Turns out that our "mover" has some been delayed some ... which means that I he will not leave until the 7th of April - which is kinda rough. I just hope he does not delay again since this is pushing the 'buffer' Melissa and I had for her leaving town. On top of that it turns out he will not be able to tow the car - so now we are back where we started a couple weeks ago. Would have been nice to know earlier since now we have even less time to figure out what to do with it ?

Anyone care to make a trip to Flordia ? Transportation covered!!!

I feel so helpless here so far away from the situation. Without a computer at home and transportation around town it makes it difficult to go and do basic shopping or just get out of the house. Thanks to Krishen's help I have been able to get to Publix a couple times and out a couple times. Going to have to pick up reflectors so that I can RollerBlade around at night which would allow me to stay at the office a little longer, or go down to Target for basics.

One good thing about being trapped at home with no computer or no TV is that this past week I was able to finish my first book in months. Good book - by quite twisted - really made one look at the mental images of themselves. How would you react in a similar fashion ?? The book "The church of dead girls". Takes the view point of a teacher in a small town as 3 girls go missing. Being from smaller towns - I can see this kinda of thing actually happening.

Anyway ... sorry about the delay in updates, I have not had a chance this week to make an entry. I will work on that, but seeing as how my monitor may not show and DSL does not look like a possibility in the short term - we will have to see.

Posted by csb at 4:07 PM


Gee... Movers who don't show up on time. Sounds like the life story of our friends. Movers were supposed to arrive at noon. Didn't arrive till almost 6.

Anyways, hope everything gets taken care of soon. I'd offer to drive your car down for you, but I don't think I could afford the time off work. Ah well.

Posted by: John at March 30, 2003 1:12 AM

1 year and 11 months later ...

March 25, 2003

Apple Store
I finally made it!

Braving the wind and rain Kim, Krishen and myself drove into Tampa to see what the city had to offer. Top on our list was the "International Plaza" - and home of our local Apple Store. And what was it like ? Well, it was a store ... but wow ... it was a nice store. Guess it is true eh ... leave it to Apple to do things right.

Got to play with all the machines - no codes, no salespeople breathing down your neck, and ALL THE MACHINES WORKED. I must say that this is the first time I have managed to sit and play with some of the current product line. Though it was a store thus could not let my self get too carried away - I was only shopping for a shower curtain and a towel after all. Guess I kinda got side-tracked a little ;)

So ... what did I like? Well ... the iPod was nice. both simpler and smaller than I had actually pictured. The 17" iMac was great ... the proportions are now correct and it does the think look nice. Managed to actually spend some personal time with it - and I can definitely see one sitting in our living room / kitchen area for the family to make use of. Now, the newest member to our family was there ... the 12" Powerbook ... this is a little piece of art wrapped into a very functional device. It is SO FREAKIN' small - but the keyboard was the nicest portable keyboard in quite some time. Screen could use a little size upgrade - where is my 17" Powerbook ?? - but it was something that could be taken anywhere really easily.

My favorite was the monitor ... the 23" Cinema Display ... man this would be a beautiful machine to code on ... and with the dual monitor 17" Display sitting next to it --- AHHHH! This goes in my office! Close to 3 complete text documents lined up side to side ... on the ONE monitor. The Perfect Coding machine! ... and I bet it would play a sweet game of Quake too. ... only $1999 ... only in about 1999 years ;)

Did you know they even have a kids section ? They have a preschool sized table with iMacs and other toys for the kids to play with. All running some games (educational and "non"-education) and with helpful staff right there to assist the kids. Very nice touch (in my opinion).

Oh ... finally a tip ... if you wear an Apple logo on your shirt or decided to go with those who do - be prepared to be a target. Thanks to Krishen we got to spend 1/2 the time browsing software, hardware, and tech-gadgets ... and the rest of the time playing Apple Store employee or just plain Mac Junky ... I feel MacLab flash backs coming on.

All in all it was a good trip ... and on the way home I managed to stop in a Target and get a towel, soap, and a shower curtain - so I even came out with the things I needed !!!

Posted by csb at 10:02 PM


movin' in

March 23, 2003

So ... Saturday I finally forked over the cash and moved on in. And here is what I found :

Front Door
Strangely symbolic ...

Cooking ...

Living Room
A place to put the feet up after a long day at the office

not huge, but not bad either

and comes with a full walk-in closet

Well, can't forget these items

Relaxation device

Our Deck
Mmmmm ... morning coffee and sunshine

Wow ... a place for our dive gear ... now, all we need is shelving

View Right
Looking to the right

View Left
Looking to the left

Our Place
So ... in review

Now for moving in ...

All My Gear
Its not much, but it is all I have

front door
First phone call to home ...

Hope you enjoyed the tour !

Posted by csb at 11:20 AM


Nice looking place, Cam! I see you picked up a carton of eggs before moving all your stuff in. Guess a growing boy has gotta eat, huh?

Posted by: jchaager at March 23, 2003 1:37 PM

hey looks good. So... empty though. You'll have to take pics again once you have some stuff in there!

Posted by: orque at March 24, 2003 4:58 PM

Hi Cam! Your new place looks fabulous! I love the kitchen space. If you need any decro tips, I can always help. I am so jealous of the fact that you can go to beach and actually sit there and enjoy the sun. Toronto is getting warmer and I love it too!!! Take care!

Posted by: SuperJ at March 25, 2003 9:59 AM

Yea ... the place is pretty cool ... stuff should arrive in early April. Right now I am "camping out" ... I have a sleeping bag, pillow, and my cloths. I have a radio to both wake me up in the morning and provide me with at least "some" entertainment. I have managed to bumb a book to read from Krishen and I have a couple plates that will be replaced once Melissa gets down here. It is almost like being back in school !!!!

Living by bare minimums ... personally I can't wait for the rocking chair and beach chairs ... oh - and of course my beautiful wife ;)

Posted by: Cameron at March 25, 2003 11:19 AM

Cam, the place looks great! Hopefully the rest of the stuff you want to bring down will make it (car notwithstanding).

Posted by: Anonymous at March 29, 2003 6:33 PM

so it begins ...

March 20, 2003

Straight-off: I don't agree with this war; and I don't agree with it in several different areas.

Now, that being said, Saddam is well recognized as being a leader that is in violation of international law, war crime acts, and UN resolutions. He, in interest to the citizens of Iraq, should be removed.

I also understand the continued feeling of 'fear' due to the Sept. 11 attacks. It was horrible, devastating, and forced the US (and indeed North America) into a new reality.

And as for the UN, it must be difficult for one organization to get almost 191 members to agree on anything. This is, however, an organization that is designed to help those citizens that cannot help themselves.

I was sad but relieved to hear that the US had finally taken action against Iraq.
Sad but Relieved? Yes. I am sad because it means that the democratic philosophy that we in the "west" hold so dear failed. That one power could attack without the support of the majority. And yet relieved because not only will Saddam finally be removed, but because maybe the markets will stabilize and my stocks go up. Not to mention the American dollar - I am working down here again you know!!!!

Now, why don't I agree with this fight ?

I don't believe that the US has the right, based on International Law to enter into a "regime change" military operation. Just because you don't like, fear, or even distrust another power does not give you the right to invade their personal space. That is the same mentality that started world wars. The international community had taken steps to solve the fears of W.M.D. in Iraq (as well as other parts of the world). The country was under sanctions that heavily limited the health of its economy. Under those conditions it is up to the people to revolt and cause a regime change from within. The US needs only to look to its own history to see that. I doubt they would have really welcomed a full on invasion of the French to oust the British -- support yes -- occupation; I doubt it.

Then there is the whole notion of democracy ... one of the touted reasons for removing the tyrant Saddam is to give the country democratic rights. It was nice to have the US set such a good example by not allowing such a democratic process take place in the UN Security Council. Being democratic does not mean that when you don't win the support you take control anyway. How would US government structure function if such conditions applied ... well, Gore did not win the election, but since he was already there he just decided not to 'give back the keys?? See ... doesn't work.

And, now where does it stop. The US and Britain have now opened the door to a whole new world order. They have stated, quite clearly, that if you feel threatened then it is OK to take military action -- even if the world does not agree with you. So, does India invalid Pakistan? Russia has no reason not to invade rogue states. Hmm ... and Mr. Kim Jong-il you better look out, the US is not happy with you of late either.

My point is that the US has basically made it clear that the UN and the Security Council do not matter in today?s world. They security comes first, even if the treat is not documented (and if such a threat was a clear as Bush and Blair state that countries like Canada, France, Germany, and Russia would be so apposed?) At least 3 have those countries have known the costs of war, tyrant leaders, and the results of 'non-action' better than anyone other.

Does this situation help or hinder the world? Will this create a more peaceful society? Will this help expand American interests throughout the globe? And will be finally get rid of all those leaders that violate human rights - or is this going to be another 'only if it serves our interests' mandate?

Either way, history classes for the next 50 years will have topics to write those many papers on eh. It will be interesting to see how the world views this situation in 5, 10, 50, or even 100 years ??

Posted by csb at 8:56 PM


Happy St. Pats Day

March 18, 2003

It has been a while - and I guess a little has gotten done. I continue to struggle getting a couple projects cleaned up at home - though working with your computer only as a remote drive though someone elses keyboard / monitor is rough. I can finally tell you the project I am working on at work : Hear are a couple articles ...

The Project - E-Pelvis
Things your should know

On the home front
Word from home is that things are getting cleaned up. If you want anything now is the time to contact Melissa ... things are getting packed or taken to the pawn shop sometime this week ... truck leaves 26th or so. Tick Tock - Tick Tock ... soon I will once again be re-united with my wife ....

but until then ... Life's a Beach

Little chilly out today ... what does that sign say ... only 25.5 celsius

The beaches out here are great. The sand is white, fine, and fantastic ... and the view ... well, the sun was shining, the wave were crashing - you get the idea.

Now ... things are pretty relaxed in this part of the world ... but who can tell me what is 'wrong' with the following picture ?

(Thanks once again Krishen for eye and the use of the digital camera)

Posted by csb at 12:04 AM


well I imagine it's not so much what's wrong with the picture now as how it would look in 5 seconds after one of the bikes spills over and someone's brains are smeared all over the pavement.

definitely nice beach! send some up here would ya? :P

Posted by: orque at March 18, 2003 9:51 PM

New Uncle; Garage Sale

March 14, 2003

My current bedroom

Well ... I am an uncle once again ... this time twice over. Man ... this sister in law of mine seems to have an endless supply of babies. That brings her total up to THREE --- guess Melissa and I are falling behind. (now ... is that a bad thing ??) I will post more info on shapes, sizes, and colours as soon as that information is passed along.

Otherwise ... the move seems to be taking shape. Turns out that our stuff will be arriving here in town around the 1st of April. Wow .. this move seems fast.

So ... we are still looking at getting rid of a bunch of stuff:

ViewSonic 19" Monitor : $300
TV: $200
Entertainment Stand : $100
Epson Scanner: $50
Epson Stylus 600 Printer : $30
Queen Size Bed : $400
and much much more ... ...

If you are interested ... call our place in Vancouver at 604-582-6781

Posted by csb at 12:44 AM


nice place! :-)

Posted by: krishen at March 14, 2003 8:22 AM

Work Work Work

March 11, 2003

Not 2 weeks in and I am already working overtime. Though I likely would not have to -- I am training after all - the plan for this year seems to be long and hard. First up is some interface design work, while next week the first stage of our new simulator project starts. Not to mention there are a number of other issues and side projects that are being worked on. So ... my first 10 hour day came just over one week in ... and I doubt it will be my last or my longest. Though I must say that the projects look as exciting as they do challenging, so it won't take much to keep me working hard :)

I did get to test out the hot tub this evening ... I must say I will like moving in here ... the hot tub / pool is open til 11PM ... and it remains warm enough to use even in March.

Canucks vs Islanders ... 10 PM ... listening via streaming radio ... Go Canucks Go !!!

1st Period : Canucks 2 : Islanders 1

2nd Period : Canucks 2 : Islanders : 2

3rd and Final : Canucks 4 : Islanders : 3

WOW ... That was a close game! A disallowed NY goal in the 3rd and the Canucks hold on to a win. They are now 5 points ahead of Colorado and only 3 back of Dallas. What a year this is turning out to be !

It is now 12:33AM here ... time for bed (these games are going to get brutal as we enter the playoffs ... the joys of living on the East Coast I suppose)

Posted by csb at 11:45 PM


Snow back home; House Hunt

March 10, 2003

So I would like to thank the Saunders family with supplying me with photos of home. You know sitting here in the warm tropical climate of Flordia causes me to long for home; the snow and ice of the great white north. They have done their part to ease that pain. I thank you!

As for the latest down here, Saturday saw me running around this new city in search of a roof ... one to place over my head and keep out of the blistering sunshine, and to ward off the rain. The tents by the beach looked nice, but I hear that the wind can get strong in these parts -- so I got thinking about walls ... hmmm ... maybe some fresh running water would be nice too ?

There are several nice places in the area, however each had they 'flaws' so to speak. Turns out that the same complex that Krishen stays at looks to be the best - close to work, on a bus route, spacious one bedroom place, 3rd floor, vaulted ceilings, W/D hook-ups, view of the "woods" (maybe see some gators), tennis courts, swimming pool -- and of course ... rent that I can afford :)

Floor plan Lake View
Pool shot
Stolen from and

Now there were 2 other selections that I liked. One was quite a distance and only 700 sq ft. Though the yard was VERY well kept and the rates quite reasonable. The other was 800 sq ft, had a larger field off the back door, was a villa instead of a apartment and thus felt more like a home. Rent again was reasonable and this would likely end up being our second choice if for some reason the application fails. However, I only saw a 'model' of this place not an actual suite AND it did not have W/D hookups so maybe second place is too hard to call. All were within our $750 cap ... and actually were more around the $700 range for the first years lease.

Here are a couple of pictures we took :
There are several more, might post them later.

Those not home ... miss out!

This will likely be our second choice, like the "feel"

This place had a fantasic yard and well kept units, though a bit small

Posted by csb at 1:19 AM


not bad. I feel your pain as I'm looking for places too. cupertino's hella expensive though! right now I'm looking at paying around $700usd for a *room* in a house. a small one bedroom apartment is more like $1300... *way* out of my price range.

Posted by: orque at March 10, 2003 7:03 PM

Working for Apple has its prices to pay ... but just think of the rewards !!!! So what division will you be working with ? And is it 4 or 8 months that you will be there ?

Posted by: Cameron at March 11, 2003 7:46 AM

It's been one week ...

March 8, 2003

One week is now complete. I have a couple self imposed projects, a couple 'pet' projects, and what seems to be a 'big' project. All I will say right now is that women everywhere will be thanking me. ( right sweetie ;) ) Training will start in a couple weeks, so I will likely be pulled in two directions at that time. Normally one goes through training right away - but due to Simon, a major department resource, heading out I have been asked to stick around. Presumably to mind meld with him, the meld is completed next week as I kick him out of his cubicle and steal his documentation.

Simon is heading out next week, moving back to the great white north to finish an MBA so we were holding a little party for him. He is not actually leaving til next Sun but several of our team members are heading to Boston this week and won't be around.

Enjoy the pics :)

Simon ... it was nice to meet you. See you back here in a couple years.

left to right: Me (developer), Carlos (sw manager), Alex (QA), Krishen (developer)

left to right: Krishen (developer), Jeff (lead developer), Ron (Director of New Business)

left to right: Ron (Director of New Business), Nigel (Director of Engineering)

Wonder if every Friday will be like this ?

Posted by csb at 9:36 AM


nice blog colors hehe

Posted by: davin at March 9, 2003 1:40 PM

Defaults work with me :) ... I was actually expecting to change them but seemed to like most of what they gave me.

Posted by: Cameron at March 9, 2003 3:44 PM

Work, Rest, and Play

March 6, 2003

Yet again it was another busy day at work. I am slowly fitting into the department and finally getting stuff to actually do. To date I have been mostly just picking the brains of my co-workers trying to get an idea of what they would like to see done and where the code base currently sits. I have now started to write down some on the 'un-written' rules, as well as help out with some of the re-organization of the code base (something that can now be done since they just finished there latest release). I have also managed to swindle my first project. My manager walked into my cubicle (well, the cubicle I am borrowing for now) and said ... "Think I am finally going to put you to work" ... gee ... here I thought I had already been doing that :) The project is cool though. Will get to 're-explore' the windows world in a simple project. Management sees the software department becoming a lot more important to the companies future as it releases more and more software independent from hardware.

It is nice having a standard (semi-standard) work day again, I arrived home at a reasonable hour and proceeded to have a short nap on the couch. No guilty feelings about not working on my current projects, but time to relax and think about the other things I need to get done. Think I could get use to this :)

Around 7PM one of Krishen's friends dropped by, Eric, and we headed up to St. Petersberg for a game of Ultimate ... man am I out of shape. It was fun getting out to do something other than work though. Get back into doing something active. The heat down here just soaks your shirt in a couple minutes, but playing in t-shirt and shorts at 9PM at night is still flipping cool.

Anyway ... once again it is time to head to work ...

Posted by csb at 8:30 AM


9pm in t-shirt and shorts in march no less.

Posted by: krishen at March 8, 2003 8:11 AM

Just watch out for the gopher holes, Cam. I won't be around to drive you to the emergency room next time.

Posted by: john at March 20, 2003 10:58 PM

New Blog System

March 5, 2003

Hello everyone ... doubt that many people will actually read this today ... but I have started moving to using a webblog. This is a 'want' that has been put off to far too many months ... but the hacks have now started to come through.

It may / does look like crap at the moment ... but as I migrate the old historical content with a newer look and feel (as I have time) it will improve.

Posted by csb at 12:55 AM


woohoo! cam's first comment!

Posted by: krishen at March 5, 2003 6:12 PM

haha. moveable type slowly takes over the world :P. looks good cam.

Posted by: Anonymous at March 7, 2003 2:18 PM