August 2004
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New iMac

August 31, 2004

Presenting the 3rd generation iMac
(snagged off

Hitting the shelves this September will be the new iMac from Apple. Sporting the G5 processor in both 1.6 GHz and 1.8 GHz configurations and a choice between 17" and 20" monitors. This is in many ways a step forward for the iMac ... coming for the coloured days oh so long ago.

The guts are easily accessible ... click for a larger view (Pulled from internet message boards)

The initial response seems almost typical these days ... while in some ways it is has advantages people don't like it due to X, Y, and Z ... and "they won't get one". Well, then who will? My guess is that this will sell decently. It is sleek yet simple and goes further down the path of cleaning up your desk space. It provides everything base consumers want ... light and moveable, simple, and able to run todays required software (read iPhoto, iMovie, and iDVD ... not to mention the games). Configurability allows for up to 2 GB of RAM, 250 GB hard drive, wireless networking, and bluetooth. More than enough for the average Joe ... and with the base model starting at $1299 it is affordable.

Personally, I find the shell a bit too "boxy" and "unimaginative". I agree with the fact that the 'missing' swivel motion from the previous design is a loss to the new one. Though I understand it ... simply the base is now small and holds no weight - thus it would not function well as the base to a swivel (swivel mechanism would either not hold or the friction would cause the base to move anyways).

This is just the next step though ... we are only a couple months (if that) from a 3rd party wall mount for the machine - one that would be simple and stylish enough for the home. A 1.5" spacing would be all that is required for the cords giving the machine a "hovering" feeling off the wall. Since this is the whole computer - it would be nice.

But what about the 'head-less' ... ahh, that would be nice. A much cheaper version of the iMac since much of the cost is locked into the screen. A Cube like device. As a potential buyer I am choosing between a tower and a laptop ... laptop giving me the all-in-one along with mobility (for a decent price) while the desktop gives me the upgrade freedom. A 'head-less' iMac would cut into the powermac market and the powerbook market ... I would consider it since I could get it for FAR cheaper and be able to keep my current monitor. I believe it would bring the device to many people as they could leverage existing components. Hence, I am still predicting a Cube comeback as I think it fits. The iBook and powerbook are becoming more powerful and I believe starting to cut into the iMac market ... and all-in-ones to me screams portability. A smaller, simpler 'tower' could be brought to the consumer ... and again, bring the cost down to more of the general public.

This is a step first though ... the next major rev of the iMac would like end up with a converged iBook/iMac (which would lead into the 'head-less' iMac). In person the iMac might provide a whole lot more showmanship. I like the footprint and the 'hang-ability'. Though I think they have taken previous designs from Dell, HP, Gateway, NEC, etc ... I think they have topped them with a design that does not look like it just thrown together. Only the sales figures will prove the success of this new revision ... my estimates are decent for the next year ... but by the time 2 years comes around look for the convergence.

Posted by csb at 11:27 AM


I think the complaints about the lack of a swivel mount are premature. If it is anything like other monitors I've seen with this design, the base is probably shaped to allow easy rotation of the whole screen with just a push of the hands. Easy to move, yet stays where you put it.

Guess we'll find out when they make it out onto store shelves.

Posted by: John at August 31, 2004 12:19 PM

Are you in sales now? You've got twice the dissertation on the imac that you do on most things, including babies and friends. Sounds like you like this new comp so much that the baby might have to use to learn it really early b/c you won't have any toys for him/her. Perhaps a piggy bank would be the best gift at this point, start saving those pennies and/or save money and let it work for you in the meantime.

Okay, only 6 hours until face off...

Posted by: Darren at August 31, 2004 12:56 PM

John: I agree ... the base probably moves on the desk just fine - just hoping it does not scratch it. Besides the plastic feeling, I like the Dell monitors' movement. Funny note, I think the 17" iMac is not that much bigger than this 18" display (just display).

Darren: The baby has broken the bank not 2 weeks in - so no new machine for me :( I am already tripping on baby items getting out of bed in the morning ... and we are still 7-8 months from birth! :)

Posted by: Cameron Bahan at August 31, 2004 3:34 PM

Se strinjam dobro napisano res.

Posted by: lorismtlan at March 18, 2011 2:22 AM

open wallet

August 30, 2004

Late last week we snagged this 36"x48" painting by M.Scott to fill our living room wall. (We tried to add out own touches to the original black and white oil through our trusted camera)

This past weekend we said farewell to our friend Greg. He came, he played, he took off to teach sailing to a bunch of crazy teenagers, and now he heads back to school. He plans to finish up the comp. sci. degree this year, and while we want him to come back to Sarasota upon completion we wish him luck in anything he does. "Can't wait to come and visit Greg ... see you soon".

Otherwise, the weekend was fully of coming to grips with our bundle of joy. You go out shopping and it seems almost silly to start picking up anything. Just too early along another 7-8 months is a LONG time to wait. On the flip side, however, we were browsing Baby Depot and I came to realize that the several thousand dollar 'baby-basics' would likely be easier on us if it was purchased over time - rather than all at once .... ouch! The funny thing is ... I don't even know what is going to be needed. Starting to look now does allow us to wait for what we want ... and good deals. This week we picked up a 2-in-1 bassinet, giving us the play-pen and the bassinet all for $30. There is just so much to get ... but what fun it is going to be to get it all (we spent about 5 hours Sunday browsing Baby Depot and Target .... its a new hobby).

Our bassinet and stroller - getting our selves ready

Posted by csb at 7:54 AM


Ah yes, the hunt for baby stuff. I remember it fondly. Of course, we put it off till later in the pregnancy. That way there's plenty of time for friends and family to pick up some of the big stuff. Somewhere, I have a list of the things that babies need during their first months. I'll see if I can dig it out for you.

Posted by: John at August 30, 2004 10:25 AM

Here's that site for you. It also has lots of good information for mom and dad about what to expect and how to deal with the anxiety and joys of parenthood.

Posted by: John at August 30, 2004 10:27 AM

Thanks, I will keep that one bookmarked. Honestly, I think our cheque book will keep us in "check" :) I just can't see getting too many toys, etc until much later on ... and there are not too many "big" things we are looking at. What we really need to do next, probably by the end of September, is get a registry going ... now, what cross-border registries are available?

Maybe I will just have to make a version ... oh the techie joys of having kids :)

Posted by: Cameron Bahan at August 30, 2004 10:46 AM

Glad you put the caption under the second photo... was about to ask what a bassinet was :)

Posted by: krishen at August 30, 2004 2:37 PM

If you do set up a registry, please do one where people can buy things online :).

Posted by: orque at September 1, 2004 11:15 AM

i was searching for m scott art and found your painting. do you know anything about the artist?

Posted by: mike at May 14, 2010 12:45 AM

Add 1

August 25, 2004

Thanks to the Saunders for the e-card

Every year on this day my internal biological odometer increments once more ... it now reads 27 ... twenty-seven ... Unbelievable! And what a birthday present to cap off the year. I am happy to state that the Hair Club is working ... though I am double dosing these days :)

I have now reached the upper end of the 'mid-twenties' and the 'thirties' are now on the radar. I have now been married 3 years, a job that keeps me motivated, a home that is starting to feel homey, and a family on the way. I just wish I could see my family more often ... it has been too long.

As I close post #200, raise a glass to another year gone by ... may the excitement continue ... and though I may feel old I have my friends to make me feel older - thanks guys!

Notable birthdays on Aug 25th: (courtesy of Amy)

1530 - Ivan IV (the Terrible), 1st tsar of Russia (1533-84)
1845 - Ludwig II, mad king of Bavaria (1864-86)
1923 - Monty Hall, Winnipeg Canada, TV game show host (Lets Make a Deal)
1927 - Althea Gibson, Silver SC, 1st black tennis champion in a major event
1930 - Sean Connery, Edinburgh Scotland, actor (James Bond)
1931 - Regis Philbin, host (Joey Bishop Show, Live with Regis and Kathie Lee)
1949 - Gene Simmons, [Chaim Witz], Haifa Israel, rock guitarist (KISS-Beth)
1961 - Billy Ray Cyrus, Flatwoods Ky, country singer (Achy Breaky Heart)
1971 - Quintis "Chico" Ristie, Suriname radio host
1977 - Cameron "Goof-butt"�Bahan, ultimate player and all around dude

Posted by csb at 12:01 PM



August 24, 2004

Heres to life! (courtesy of Cyan)

So ... I know you all have been struggling trying to come up with the answer to the meaning of that "score of 11". There were lots of good guesses ... but nope ... no cigar.

See the answer here ... see scored "11"!

For what it "means" ... well ... It means that the nights are going to get shorter, the background noise louder, and my blood pressure to go through the roof. Essentially ... I feel older. But what excitement, what joy, what anticipation ... I am not sure how to put it into words - for those of you who I have talked to already probably understand that.

This is basically the best birthday present I could get.

Posted by csb at 7:23 PM


Congratulations you 2, I mean 3!! It was great talking with you, we finally connected after much telephone tag! Cam, just when is your Birthday? Jeff would have loved the Apple version but the budget allowed for an MP3 player! He says thanks so much! Love ya Lynne

Posted by: Lynne at August 24, 2004 7:54 PM

Holy cow, Cam, Melissa... that's awesome... :-) Congratulations :) I'm... wow... I'm floored. :D That's so cool.

Posted by: Krishen at August 24, 2004 7:56 PM

Wow! Congratulations! I was starting to wonder when you were talking about possible house plans ;).

Posted by: orque at August 24, 2004 8:03 PM

Wow! This is fantastic news! Congratulations to you guys!

BTW, looks like you're child will have a little playmate in the METI family. Check out

Posted by: Ron Carovano at August 24, 2004 8:07 PM

Thanks guys ... this is such an exciting time.

Lynne: tomorrow (Aug 25th) ... the news is a couple days early - but when your as old as I am what is a couple days anyways ... eh?

Posted by: Cameron Bahan at August 24, 2004 8:44 PM

Congratulations Cam and Melissa!!! I would say get all the rest you can now but it will not make any difference when the baby is here.

What's the due date?

Posted by: Karin Haager at August 25, 2004 12:24 PM

Karin: no kidding ... I really need to hit the sack earlier. We actually don't know the due date (for sure), could be anywhere between 4 to 10 weeks ... we should know more in early September and will of course let everyone know :)

Posted by: Cameron Bahan at August 25, 2004 1:43 PM

Whir wind tour of Charley

August 21, 2004

Click to see more pictures

We all bunkered down a prepared for the worst just over a week ago ... but Charley headed east at the last minute, a move that baffles scientists. We came out of it unscathed, but not everyone was so lucky ... they are estimating the damage in the wake of the hurricane to be $15 billion.

Many of those working here at METI live along the "I-75 corridor" which left many of them with targets placed on their homes. So METI formed a chain gang for one of the families struggling - they are expected to be without power for yet another couple weeks ... but they have running water thank goodness. The winds reached approx. 225 km/h (140 mph) which required doors to be supported with 2x4's as the winds were blowing them wide open. The trees, sheds, and roofing tiles became the play things of Charley ... and he definitely did not clean up as he left. The roads were lined with piles of trees, branches and other debris ... the city hauling it away. I figure they should just ship the firewood north - might help pay some of the bills??

The work went quick with only a couple 'incidents' ... Melissa found a fire-ant nest which she explained so that I did not have to "enjoy" the experience myself. After a shower and a chance to steal the shirt off my back she was right back helping out. The day really went by fast with all the help ... and once more there seems to be a yard free of fallen trees and dangling branches.

We cataloged the day for all you back home - that way you don't have to experience it.

Posted by csb at 5:08 PM


Score: 11

August 19, 2004

What does it mean?

Butchart Gardens, Victoria BC - spring 2004

Posted by csb at 8:44 AM


It means the Soviet judge is adding *way* too much padding to the score of the East German gymnast.

Posted by: John at August 19, 2004 10:29 AM

Football: A touchdown, 2 point conversion and field goal. or a touchdown extra point and 2 safeties.
Baseball: A mediocre showing against the Devil Rays.
Hockey: Avg number of goals scored per team for the Stanley Cup Finals (All seven games).

Posted by: Jeff at August 19, 2004 5:26 PM

The number of points the Clearwater Callahans will score against us tonight.

Posted by: krishen at August 19, 2004 6:09 PM

As old as the rocks and the trees

August 17, 2004

There are those defining people in your life that help mold you - help define who you are. They are icons of your life. Uncle Joe was one of those people, he along with Auntie Lou were my second set of parents. I spent hours at their house while my parents were working ... these were hours that I spent learning to walk, to say grace, and learning to play "Go Fish" ... the defining moments in life. Even as I got older they were still a part of my life ... no trip back to 100 Mile House was complete without a stop on Block Dr.

This last Friday I received news that Uncle Joe had passed away. While the memories of yesterday will live on with me ... I will miss him dearly. I am who I am today due largely to his love and support throughout my life ... and that I will not forget. Joe, thanks for making my childhood something to remember.

Posted by csb at 4:04 PM



August 13, 2004

Well, the storm has passed ... and while it did leave a wake of devastation it ended up tracking to the south through Port Charlotte. This meant that we only got a glance off the north-west side of the storm. We got rain, several strong gusts of wind though nothing sustained, and were on a tornado watch most of the afternoon.

This all kept us fairly glued to the TV all day ... but as it veered to the south it was actually rather disappointing. We put work into prep-ing the place and were actually looking forward to some heavy rain and strong winds. We had plans to head outside and enjoy some of the storm as it passed ... view some of natures forces first hand. But it was not to be. What we did not want was a category 4 hurricane - but that is what came ashore. Winds of up to 233 km/h (145 mph) were clocked as Charley heading into Charlotte county.

Tomorrow we might head onto the barrier islands or up to Arcadia to see the damage. I am hoping to 'bring home' the damage such a storm will bring - will help with the preparation next time, though I must say that western Florida has not experienced something like this in 60+ years ... so it might be a while.

Note: there is a new storm brewing in the Atlantic and is expected to reach cat 1 by Wednesday ... and it is following exact path of Charley into the Gulf of Mexico. The thing is Charley required a low pressure front coming from the west to push it around onto the west of Florida - and this it not currently expected. But we will have to keep our eyes out.

We want to thanks all our friends and family for their concern, John and gang were watching from Seattle while we have been receiving calls from family back at home. We want to let everyone know that we are safe and secure.

But here is a little of our day:

We tried to protect the car ... not from falling branches ... but from flying particles

Here it comes ... radar tracking

We all curled up in the dining room. away from windows and watched the front come closer

Gusts of wind and rain came ... and went

Charley passed to the south packing winds of 230 km/h

We did have one victim ... wind from us putting the house back left destruction

But we eventually got everything back the way it was - if not better organized and clean. At least we know more for next time ... better safe than sorry

Posted by csb at 9:07 PM


Glad you all made it through safely. If you go out looking at damage, take a few pictures. It's been a little difficult finding pics of the aftermath.

Posted by: John at August 14, 2004 1:25 AM

Low-pressure system moving in

August 12, 2004

Update 2:35pm, Aug 13th
Krishen has arrived ... winds have started though they are still at a light breeze. We have had spotted light showers but nothing major yet. This storm is moving soooo slow ... quite annoying actually ... well ... there go the trees they are starting to bend so maybe it is starting. After the winds really start I will post some pictures. Funny the longer we wait ... the more we want to 'protect' ourselves. Basically ... we are in a holding pattern ... ...

... gah, looks like it is heading east a little early. Expecting landfall within an hour down around Naples. So while it might jog ... we might miss the eye to the south. That should reduce the storm surge ... but an early landfall means a stronger storm. We will have to see.

Update 12:18pm, Aug 13th
I am shutting off the computer. The first stage of the storm should be hitting in about 2 hours ... into the last prep stages. You can feel the tension of anticipation.

Update 10:48am, Aug 13:
Krishen is posting storm tracker images on a on-going basis.

Last minute shopping ... can't forget the brownies (at least there was a few boxes left on the shelves)

Well, must say Melissa and I have been trying to prepare. We have taped the windows ('X' marks the spot), bagged the car, moved all the stuff off the deck and away from the windows ... and if the winds get going - plan to move the computer/electronics into the tub ... couple of other preparations:

(1) Fill the tub ... non-drinking water for the toilet & washing
(2) Keep a cooler ready incase the power goes out (bagging extra ice)
(3) Making several extra meals (corned beef hash ... yummmy!)
(4) Calling family to ease their worries -- this is new for them too!
(5) Bottled drinking water (just used Brita instead of buying)
(6) Pack the irreplaceables away from wind and water
(8) Important documents go into the dishwasher
(9) Wash all the dishes
(10) Consolidate the emergency supplies
(11) Prepare for a flood of refugees (read friends coming over for a party)

... and last but not least: Sit back and enjoy a Mocha ... ahh!

Latest update is that Charley is expected to be a Category 3 Hurricane by the time it reaches shore. That means sustained winds of +178 km/h (111 mph) ... we are expected 80-128 km/h (50-80 mph) where we are. Over 300,000 people have been evacuated from the Tampa area while all the barrier islands up the sunshine coast have also been sent packing by mid-night tonight. All bridges are going to be closed ... and they say that once the rain starts to fall - just stay home.

As the storm comes up the coast the counter-clockwise winds will first suck the water away from the coast ... but as it moves up past us we are to expect storm surges of +10 ft. as the wind pelts the water back onto the shore. We are inland ... and on the 3rd floor ... so we should not have to worry about that too much.

The last projected path has it heading through St. Pete, just outside of Tampa which is less than about 50 miles from here. That is if the pressure front moving down from the north-west does not push it into land sooner -- the earlier the stronger the storm is likely to be. Right now it is passing Cuba, once by there it is expected to pick up more strength feeding off the warm waters of the gulf stream ... but as it heads further north (past Tampa) 'shear' winds (thank Krishen for the link) will start to take the storm apart. We are into a "Hurricane Warning" which means we should expect hurricane winds within the next 24 hours ... 2pm Friday was the last estimate I have seen.

So ... until then ... we wait, and enjoy a couple movies while we do so. Until the next update ... ttfn!

They may be boarded up ... but they are not out of coffee

Out for her last trip ... we have put on a car cover and strapped it down. Wanted to pad it with cardboard - but there was none in the recycle bins

Prepared the house ... this is a first for us ... the excitment

8:41pm ... less than 24 hours until the storm is to hit ... think they are bluffing?

Posted by csb at 11:17 PM


So Cameron, are we to assume that there is no step 7? Also, I hope you washed the dishes before you put the important documents in it. :-)

Keep the updates coming. It'll make the work day much more interesting tomorrow.

Posted by: John at August 13, 2004 12:12 AM

Guess I missed step 7 ... which is of course: take a bath and change underwear (this is a must)!

Posted by: Cameron Bahan at August 13, 2004 12:46 AM

Those are some stunning shots -- especially the one inside the store. You've got some good ideas there, too -- impt documents in the dishwasher, extra water in the bathtub. Think I'm going to head out for an hour to see what's still open. Could use some more munchies (and tape for the windows).

Posted by: Krishen at August 13, 2004 8:53 AM

Here's a decent article about hurricane prep (though it's mostly past the time described in the article now):

Posted by: Krishen at August 13, 2004 10:06 AM

Bonnie and Clyd- ... I mean Charley

August 12, 2004

So ... we are inside the project path (see CNN or for more info) and preparations are being made. We have canned food in the closet (well, we always do), we have bottled water in the fridge, and we will pull everything off the deck this evening. At work, plastic bags are being fetched for all the desks and papers are to be pulled off the desks. Now ... this is all orderly - no panics. Just talk of maybe time off tomorrow.

This is quite interesting for me, not like the earthquake prep back home where you get things ready for a 'just in case' scenario ... here we have warning. Now, the winds could shift ... fad out ... or pick up and head on through - and we are waiting ...

... at least we got to use the deck yesterday evening. Bottle of wine, Diana Krall, candles, and a deck of cards ... and with storm coming in the air was nice and cool. We needed to test that the candles worked ... just in case :)

Update 13:36:
Heading out of here (work) shortly ... just finishing up the data backups and covering up the system incase of DOOM! ... not really worried due to the fact I am at of the center of a mid-century building ... but ... always plan for the worst and enjoy the show. I hope to provide updates as long as there is power ... so stay tuned!

Posted by csb at 8:39 AM


Dude... you spelled Charley wrong... that's the last thing we need, a pissed off hurricane!!

Posted by: Krishen at August 12, 2004 6:51 PM

So, you're gonna stick it out. Yahoo is reporting on people evacuating. You Canucks will do anything!

Good luck and hopefully the power will hang in for awhile.

Posted by: John at August 12, 2004 7:02 PM

John: for folks in mobile homes, barrier islands and low-lying areas, a mandatory evacuation notice has been given, and these folks have until midnight to get the heck out of dodge (and expect to remain out of dodge for two days). Here's the official county-issued statement (you'll need to open that link in a new window -- cam's MT settings are stripping my target="_blank" tag)

Posted by: Krishen at August 12, 2004 9:44 PM


I read that in the Yahoo! article. Can't wait to hear how it all goes. Good luck and God speed to all of you!

Posted by: John at August 13, 2004 12:07 AM

John -- thank you :)

Posted by: Krishen at August 13, 2004 10:07 AM

My wired life

August 10, 2004

Well ... the media attention has been gaining for METI over the last couple months. First, ER ... then Fox News and now Wired.

This is not my first brush with Wired this year ... but this is definitely the closest. This is what I do ... it is my job ... it is my what I spend 40% of my time working on. And ... people are starting to notice ... too cool!

Posted by csb at 9:05 AM



August 10, 2004

This past weekend Melissa managed to put the final touches on our deck. It is now completely screened-in, carpeted-in, and moved-in. The 'remove-able' panels did not come to pass since the complex has informed us they plan to install screens on all apartments sometime this year ... we decided to just get it done as simple as possible.

It is nice having the deck all organized and livable. It adds a new room to the apartment - rather than just an outside storage area. And it was all done for a decent price ... thanks to Home Depot. The trim was fairly cheap, but the deal came on the carpet ... the indoor/outdoor carpet was snagged for 50% since it was 'extra' that they couldn't get rid of. Hee Hee ... worked out well for us :)

Now, only the bedroom and master (Cameron's) bathroom is left to "fill-in". We are looking to possibly paint the bathroom ... and 'maybe' the bedroom. Still discussing it - since it really depends on if we are going to move next summer.

Posted by csb at 7:55 AM



August 6, 2004

Word is ... the bank thinks were doing just fine and would be happy to pass us a few dollars - on the condition we pay them back of course :) This is good news since (1) we had no idea how our credit was ... and (2) we now have a 'price' goal for house hunting.

WHAT? ... you ask ... HOUSE HUNTING?

Yes, we have reached that age in life where thinking about a house has come ... and past. Previously we discounted owning due to the higher monthly costs and the fact that we were largely in debt. But ... we tightened up the spending and managed to get things under control ... to the point where "investing" is more of an option.

Renting has its advantages ... but we have started doing a few home improvements lately. And then we are also looking at purchasing more furniture -- so, since we are looking at being down here another 5 years or so we thought maybe a house would be a good idea.

We are still just looking into it ... lots more research has to be done (pointers welcome). Our current plan lies in the range of 15-24 months from now. First, while we don't NEED a down-payment ... we would like one (hoping around 5-10%). Not to mention all the extras that will come ... lawnmower, fridge, oven, etc.

But for now ... we get to have a little fun and find out what kinda of pads we can afford. What would you look for in your first house?

Posted by csb at 9:02 AM


A word of advice from Karin: Take your time. We kinda rushed into our first place, so we didn't get everything we could have. The next time we go looking for a house, it will be a much slower, more methodical hunt.

Posted by: John at August 6, 2004 10:34 AM

wow... haven't even read the post yet. that's an incredible shot!

Posted by: krishen at August 6, 2004 1:49 PM

First house, hmmm, I would make sure the counters can hold a lot of empty bottles of beer. Actually, never mind, you can rely on my place for that (I'll clean up tomorrow).


Posted by: Darren at August 8, 2004 3:04 AM

I think it depends a lot on what I'd be using the house for as to what I'd be looking for. For example, if I were getting it as a "starter home" -- something with say, two bedrooms, the location isn't as important. I figure kids are pretty mobile before 5 years so I'd look for something cheap. I'm not sure what the situation is with green cards and the possibility of Melissa being able to work, but it seems like it would be a good opportunity to turn a profit and get a better place if she had the time to do improvements on a place. If I were looking for something longer term, location would definitely be the most important thing. Some place where my kids would be able to walk or bike safely to shops and a park or beach. When it comes down to it I think any place can become "home" so it's just a matter of finding something that won't break the bank but also won't feel cramped in a few years. Good luck!

Posted by: orque at August 8, 2004 4:57 PM

Grand Opening

August 4, 2004

Local neighbourhood wallet hole

So ... the expansion continues. We I arrived in town just over a year ago there were 2 Starbucks Coffee joints around town. Then one opened up in Bradenton ... one opened down south ... then one just 10 minutes to the north ... and now ... now they have arrived 1/2 between our place and work (and work is only 4km away) ... so really ... right around the corner. At $4 for a coffee ... this could be bad :)

But a treat at Starbucks was not a problem after Melissa put is such a hard days work in house renovations. After seeing Krishen's new place Melissa quickly put into action. We have had a plan of enclosing our deck with a screen for several months now ... but seeing one actually 'implemented' was a different story. So ... out came the tools and Home Depot once again became our friend.

In the end it looks great. She is almost completely done the upper half, just needs to get a ladder from the complex to reach the top window (about 8ft up) ... I, however, have taken on the responsibility of lower half. My job ... make removable panels so that we can still keep the deck swept. The design is complete and the deadline is set ... we should be enjoying tea on our deck Monday night.

Posted by csb at 9:55 AM


Wow, at 4$ a pop for a mere coffee, it is truly what could be considered a wallet hole. A really big wallet hole, sort of like what they were throwing people into on Tatooine in Star Wars ;) No coffee there tho!

I'm surprised, the 'bucks here is a bit cheaper!

Posted by: Neil In Victoria at August 4, 2004 3:41 PM

Screened porch looks nice. Now you can enjoy the warm evenings without getting bitten to death by the bugs.

Posted by: John at August 4, 2004 3:57 PM

Niel: Guess it is not $4 really ... $3.53 ... can anyone guess the drink?

John: Thats the idea :)

Posted by: Cameron Bahan at August 4, 2004 5:14 PM

I dunno, herbal tea? :)

Posted by: Krishen at August 4, 2004 10:01 PM

Ahh the zarlac where it digests things over a thousand I believe makes a much quicker exit. Mocha...with Cam definently a mocha.

Posted by: Jeff at August 5, 2004 7:42 AM

yeah, it was kind of a ludicrous question, really... like he'd drink anything else :)

Posted by: Krishen at August 5, 2004 8:39 PM

Hey ... I have been experimenting recently, especially during the hot days of summer. However, in the evenings there is nothing better the a hot mocha under the moonlight -- well, other than a hot mocha as the sun rises ... or a hot mocha ... dah! Never mind ... it was a mocha already !!!!!

Posted by: Cameron Bahan at August 6, 2004 8:35 AM

Fresh look

August 2, 2004

Unloading ...

It was moving day for Krishen and we were invited ... whoo hoo! ;-) He was leaving his cubby hole for a spacious suite one building down. We felt right at home, even though the floor plan was 180 degrees different ... ahh the memories of #911. Krishen, however, has a larger deck and it is screened ... nice!

He did not have a lot of stuff ... but then again, until now he did not have a lot of space. The couches caused some ... how should I say this ... stress. But we managed to get it down from the 2nd story and back up 3 completely unharmed ... though I think I can avoid the gym for the next little bit.

Going up!

Ding!!! ... 3rd floor

Yes, Darren ... you can relax now!

After we got everything out that would not be needed for the cleaning party we stopped to polish off a couple beers, snack on a couple pizzas, and enjoy an energetic game of Taboo. (after playing that at Amy and Erik's place we plucked it off the store shelves)

Plus, thanks to an evening of babysitting I was able to update the Apex Software Solutions website ... something that has been on my to-do list for almost a year. Let me know what you think. I hope to use it has me portfolio outlet as I slowly work on my pet projects.

But ... after a good weekend it is time for bed. Just need to polish off my cup of tea and brush the teeth ... tomorrow I head back to the salt mines.

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