February 2005
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Lace'em up!

February 28, 2005

With work off my main radar screen for a little bit the Canadian contingent took to the ice in a dramatic display of "we have not skated in a while". Melissa was testing out her new blades that she picked up over christmas holidays as we were joined by Krishen and Darren for a few laps of the local pond.

Ahh ... it was good to be back out. People young and old were taking to the ice as if we were farther north. They even have a new rink opening soon even closer to town ... it is almost unbelievable. But it is making it much easier to feel right at home!

Now ... if only the NHL/NHLPA can get their heads out of their pocketbooks and get the game back going!

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Rain man

February 27, 2005

Today was another late morning climbing out of bed ... we opened our eyes to the drumbeat of the falling rain and the sound of whirling wind ... and we just lay there. The whole day has been just as relaxing ... and tonight we are planning to hit the ice up at J.P. Igloo. And thus will close a perfect weekend, full of sleeping, cleaning, eating (thanks Jeff), and relaxing ... tomorrow it will be back to the grindstone - but thats tomorrow.

We would like to send out a big B-Day hello to Alicia ... turning the big 1-0 today; rounding off your first decade. Just wish we could be there to enjoy it with you - hope you are having lots of fun ... though I imagine you are. All our love.

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February 25, 2005

Flowers: a tip from those in the know

So ... HPSN ended in success. The work all paid off ... and the fat lady can be heard in the distance! The remaining work will make next week once again busy, but for now, I can really feel my body starting to shutdown. I am tired and done. This weekend I will be enjoying some relaxing "time off" and come at things fresh on Monday.

Tonight ... Melissa and I are enjoying some quality time together seeing as we have not had any over the last two weeks. With family in town, the conference, and Melissa babysitting ... it is time for a nice walk and a good nights rest.

... and it works!

Posted by csb at 7:58 PM


glad to see your camera is in good working order. :) so happy with how HPSN turned out, seems it was a success all around.

Posted by: Krishen at February 25, 2005 8:52 PM

Haliaeetus leucocephalus

February 22, 2005

Photo snagged from penderisland.info

Following BC news these last few days has been heart breaking to say the least. It seems that another 14 mutilated eagles have turned up in North Vancouver. That now brings the total slaughter to 40, all killed for the talons and feathers.

Those who know me well know of my fascination with the Bald Eagle, and really wildlife in general. Growing up in the Cariboo, interior of BC, put me right in the middle of the rolling hills and a thousand lakes. It was here where I enjoyed the early years exploring, hiking, and fishing - a part of my life I have been missing ever since we left the area in 1991. We had 2.5 acres with 7.5 additional undeveloped in the neighbouring lots ... the perfect place for a boy to explore. Ahh, the memories.

Shot of my neighbourhood - those Sucker-fish were bad, bad, bad ... or at least we thought at the time

You can see the surrounding area, just wish I had more photos

But I digress, the news of the eagle killings makes me sick. I am glad to see the $10000 reward leading to the capture of these individual(s). Though this must sound hypocritical of me ... I will state we, as pre-teen boys, had a mission of saving the rainbow trout in the lake ... and the sucker-fish were quite plentiful - though, unfortunately, inedible or we would have had many the feasts. This killing of the eagles is strictly for the black market ... and it is of a protected species. And I am much older now :)

I hope they are caught soon!

This news bumped the original posting ... the new Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy trailer is out ... and how timely ... it released on the same date as our due date. Coincidence? I think not!!!

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February 21, 2005

Sunday was a day of recharging the batteries ... heck ... even got a chance to see the sunshine. After brunch at First Watch we headed down to Venice for a day on the sandy beaches ... relaxing (though it took energy to not think about the office). Donna was an absolute natural at the "shark tooth hunt" ... pulling them out by the dozen - some small, some large, all treasure.

Sifting through the shells

Our collection

After leaving the beach we made the stop we have been meaning to make for the past two years ... downtown Venice. We walked up and down main street viewing the many painted "pigs" the line the road. We passed from storefront to storefront - only a few were open, but we were mostly window shopping anyways. It was a fantastic afternoon to share some ice cream and enjoy the sun.

Seemed fitting for this weekend

Along our walk there were a number of flowers ... so we stopped to take a couple photos. I have not really taken "flower" shots before ... so I was playing with something a little new.

Then it came to the "Melissa challenge"; Melissa: "What can you do with that one?" as she points to a wilting flower on the side of the shrub. Cam: "This one?" as I point to one of the blossoming ones lit by the sun ... Melissa: "Nope, the one down lower ... see what you can do?". So ... I tried my hand ... and I think it turned out quite well.

It was great having Donna here, just wish I could have had more time with them ... though Melissa and Donna seemed to really get out and about; Myakka, Mote, shopping, Ringling Museum of Art ... and the entire Lord of the Rings extended edition ... a packed week for sure ... but tons of fun. And the best part is my wife now knows how to make home-made perogies ... oh yea!!!!

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mmmm....bring 'em to the next bbq

Posted by: Jeff at February 21, 2005 10:26 AM


February 20, 2005

It was another long Saturday lost in the compound we call the office. I managed to skip out for a couple hours, just long enough to join Donna and Melissa for dinner at a local Indian restaurant and sort out Donna's travel arrangements back to Victoria. But then it was back to the bits and bytes as I push to get a couple things sorted out for tomorrow.

It has been great to have her down here - though I know I did not get a change to spend the time I would like. Thus tomorrow I am splitting and heading down to Venice before she takes off Monday morning ... just hope I am awake :)


Me thinks that I should finally go home. Things should be good for the boys tomorrow ... err ... today. Not everything is done, but I think the system is to the point where they can begin more testing. Oh well ... I need some sleep too :) -- I will say one thing ... things go slower at 3AM ... just for note!

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Well I know I appreciate it. Good job.

Posted by: Jeff at February 20, 2005 11:17 AM

Happy Valentines Day

February 14, 2005

It is once again that day of the year, early in spring, when mystical forces cloud the mind and we revert to one of our most basic instincts - courting a mate. Tradition and obligation leaves the flower shops empty, cards shelves bare, and restaurants full as we woo our mates with proof that we can provide, entertain, and please them. Sometime we can even go a little over board and get a little cheesy ... but it is all in the name of tradition right?

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Together through the years,
Our hearts remain true

As a footnote, I would also like to say that Donna arrived safely yesterday. We enjoyed a short walk on the beach and a treat at our favorite ice cream parlor - Settimi's - before returning home to a wondering slide show of pictures. Seems Donna has been quite the world traveller over the last couple years and treated us to a show of pictures from Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and Ireland ... wow ... are Melissa and I ever jealous.

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Worker bees

February 12, 2005

Postings have dropped off significantly over the last couple weeks ... this is due to a couple things: lack of pictures and lack of time. Well ... guess it more comes down to a lack of time :)

We are into the last few weeks before HPSN ... which means we are all putting in the long hours to ensure that we put on the best show possible.

Beyond that, we have not ventured out much. Weekly excursions to the Rose Center as Darren and I completed the hockey season - just because the players and owners aren't happy ... doesn't mean we are going to keep playing !!! (and they say that the hockey is just a habit and the public doesn't care ... habits are hard to break btw!!) Sad to think of all ... those ... games ... last year - and nothing this year ... feels kinda empty doesn't it??

Anyways ... Donna is coming into town tomorrow, so this week should be packed with fun and excitement ... as long as I can get out of the office!!!!!

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Three is the charm

February 6, 2005

Well ... it is time to put another -mester behind us, and now we move to the 3rd and final stage. The final days. We thought you might want to see how things are going, so we got the camera out and snapped some shots.

The excitement just continues to build. We should be starting classes soon and I am already looking to when we need to "be ready". Melissa has started talking in weeks, which was a big step. But she assures me that we still have plenty of time ... even though it feels like just yesterday we were seeing the doctor for the first time. Just we just have to remember not to blink!

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Wow, those are some great shots of Melissa! Congratulations on passing another milestone.

Posted by: Krishen at February 7, 2005 7:09 PM

Two girls for every boy

February 2, 2005

It may not quite be spring yet ... but these three don't seem to care

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Lucky duck (I guess that's where the expression comes from)

Posted by: Darren at February 3, 2005 12:19 PM