July 2005
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Back on schedule

July 29, 2005

Joe has finally returned to his regular nightly naps after our trip home. When we got home he was only sleeping until about 5AM ... but slowly, over the week, extended that through to a full night.

Now, Melissa and I are in decision mode ... should we move to cloth diapers? There are some decent options out there: www.littleblessingsboutique.com www.greenmountaindiapers.com, www.funkybumz.co.nz, and www.clothdiaper.com


  • Cost savings, same diapers grow with the child
  • Reducing landfills, the environmental savings mean a lot
  • Frequent diaper changing helps reduce the chances of diaper rash


  • Larger price upfront
  • Convenience factor of just tossing the "mess", the biggest con easily
  • Often results in more frequent diaper changing

This would take quite an effort from Melissa and I to ensure that the diapers get rinsed immediately and get laundered regularly. Disposables would still be used for extended excursions and trips. Yet, the thought of dropping around of $200 is ... hesitating ... yet, at the same time the environmental impact of disposables is quite concerning. I am tossing garbage almost every two days where as it was previously more like once every week.

What I would like to know, from you mothers out there, have you tried cloth diapers? What were/are you experiences like? Do you have any recommendations on brands?

Posted by csb at 8:50 AM

What a day!

July 27, 2005

Must say, when this arrived in my mailbox this afternoon I was pleasantly surprised ... (and quite pleased ... been worried about this you know!)

Posted by csb at 5:22 PM


Wow... I think they call that "narcissistic" :)

Posted by: Krishen at July 27, 2005 5:32 PM

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Joe and Friends

July 24, 2005

Lamaze babies gather again

Once more we gather, all the couples and kidlets, for another Lamaze class reunion. Which is really just turning out to be a good excuse for a wack of us new parents to get together and shared problems, milestones, and fun stories. This time we met at Christopher and Shannon's place, a big thanks to you two for putting on a great show ... so good we did not leave until well past our bedtime.

But beyond the food and great company ... they have a pool and we have swim trunks. This turned out to be a perfect day for Joe to take his first dip. So ... we thought we would share it with you ...


Created using iMovie. This can be so much fun ... and only took about 3hrs to put together once the clips were completed.

Posted by csb at 4:46 PM


Wow! Great video, nice choice of music to go with it too.

Posted by: Krishen at July 24, 2005 11:49 PM

Oh man, that was awesome. Let me know when you're ready to sign him up for private lessons, the 2024 Olympics are just around the corner...

Posted by: Darren at July 26, 2005 9:24 PM

What great footage of the wee young man! He & Alicia will soon be having races...they grow way too fast!!

Posted by: Lynne at July 26, 2005 9:34 PM

Darren ... he is ready anytime you want to start! And Lynne, you better tell Alicia to practice ... ;)

Posted by: Cameron at July 27, 2005 9:03 AM

Cordless communication

July 21, 2005

Canada goose last seen on the banks of the Gorge

It should be noted that upon returning from our travels we discovered that our trusty cordless Sony handset that has lasted 6-7 years has finally sent us shopping. Not only did it need a new battery, but now it was not sitting on the charger correctly ... or at least finding difficulty connecting to charge at all. So last night we bit the bullet (a $110 bullet excluding tax) and picked up a new phone, the Uniden TRU8860 Cordless 5.8GHz Digital.

So far, this is an improvement over the VTech we tried several months ago. Both handsets work concurrently, the menus are simpler, and it supports the 5.8GHz frequency (so we're modern). But that is not to say it does not have problems. There is a slight "crackle" on the phone which is irritating ... it comes and goes during the same conversation so it could be an "auto channel switch" or just external interference. The display backlight is orange ... ick ... and the textual display looks a bit squished at times. I am sure that that is all just things to get use to - overall I am quite pleased with my initial tests. The handset has a great weight, fits nice in the hand (or hanging on a belt), comes with numerous rings (making christmas that much more annoying ... and fun), provides handset specific phonebooks and settings (allowing them to be 'user specific'), and there is this "direct link" mode (? Time to read the manual I guess) that I still have to try. Hopefully we will be able to figure out this crackle as it will eventually drive us nuts.

Posted by csb at 7:58 AM


Baby Tour '05 draws to a close

July 20, 2005

After a brief delay in Phoenix we arrived back home at approximately 10:30PM last night (local time). It was good to get back home and sleep in ones own bed. Now, after getting up, it is time to empty the bags, wash the cloths, and generally make a mess of the clean house we left. We should be sorting through the pictures of the trip this evening - keep you fingers crossed. Once I get things organized a little here ... I will head into work.

"They" say that it is better to take a full day once you get home, but I would rather get some of the email and general catch-up done. Leaves me to hit the office running tomorrow. That is not to say I managed to get out of bed at 7 this morning ... it was a long day by plane.

We want to send out a big thank-you to everyone back home. We really enjoyed our trip and it was very hard to board the plane to come home. But we will be back again soon ... in the mean time, please feel free to come enjoy the sunshine and the beaches we have here.

Panoramic shot from Calgary ... click for a better view

Posted by csb at 10:14 AM


Last Day

July 18, 2005

Ok ... so lies in front of us the last day of our vacation. We travelled from the open plains to the rugged shores ... and have pictures to prove it. I plan to entertain all of you once we get home and sort through them ... approximately 800 photos so far - hope the little iMac is up for the job (Though maybe we need a new computer to help? :-) Melissa?).

Now, if you desire any goods, Tim's coffee, Smarties, or other treats from the great white north (which is truly more green these summer days) you better let us know. Otherwise, we will see you all very soon...

Posted by csb at 1:35 AM


How about Tim's and Smarties? I will gladly reimburse you for whatever you can fit in your suitcase. :)

Posted by: Krishen at July 18, 2005 12:36 PM

Gee, so glad I took the time to import stuff for you. Why don't you just give them what I paid for? Heck, you could sell what I bought you at a nifty profit couldn't ya?!

Posted by: Darren at July 19, 2005 9:25 AM

Lets make a deal

July 14, 2005

While 12 teams attempt to determine the sensor failure on the shuttle Discovery the NHL and NHLPA have come to an agreement. After 301 days of stalling, squabbling, and negotiations the puck will once again drop. What was settled?

  • a 24% salary rollback
  • total player costs can not exceed 54% of hockey-related revenue
  • team-by-team salary cap range of $21.5 mil to $39 mil in the first year
  • no single player can exceed 20% of the salary cap
  • rookie entry cap of $850,000
  • new players are elegable for unrestricted free agency after 7 years bringing the age restriction down to 27 by 2007-2008
  • teams can buy-out players are two-thirds their contract to fit under the cap ... however, can then not sign those players
  • revenue sharing of top 10 teams pay into a fund used by the bottom 10 teams
  • both players and owners can not go to salary arbitration
  • NHL will participate in the Torino Olympics
  • So, the big question has been "Will the fans return?", I believe that hockey will return without problems to the hockey cities (throughout Canada, Detriot, New York, Philly, etc) ... however, smaller market teams will need to drop prices to fill the seats. What won't happen is a drop in ticket prices across the board; Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and Detroit fill seats without an issue so prices there are determined by demand ... though no longer can they use the "high cost of operation" as their scape-goat.

    For me ... this means hockey will again return and life can resume as normal! Sweet!

    Posted by csb at 3:05 PM


    You know....I expected a pretty good discount on the season tickets but I'm not really seeing that here (Tampa).

    Posted by: Jeff at July 14, 2005 5:23 PM


    July 14, 2005

    Well ... I now sit in Vancouver @ 10 to 11 at night and ponder how much I actually want to sleep in tomorrow. Then ... what am I going to do to to fill the day? Get my website properly working under I.E.? Take a nice stroll? Maybe head to the mall? ... the day is open.

    Calgary was fantastic - yet busy and we were tired rolling into Victoria. The island air put us back at ease and we enjoyed a BBQ with friends and family that I have not seen in many years ... some since our wedding! With many a kids (since that seems to be what has happened in 4 years) running around and burgers on the grill, we all sat around and "caught-up".

    After that it has been quite peaceful. We walked the shores and hiked some trails, slept in, and played tourist ... and even slipped a dive in before heading off to Vancouver. We return to Vic this weekend for an exciting visit with more family. But, the rush is behind us ... it is now time to relax and take in the ocean breeze of cool mountain air! Did I mention it is good to be home?

    Posted by csb at 1:46 AM



    July 10, 2005

    Our last day in town was quite busy. Packing, family picnic, and the Stampede ... for those who know well ... you know! For those in the U.S. think of it as a really big county/state fair combined with a rodeo. For others, well ... the stampede started in 1912 as a rodeo and exhibition and has grown to become one of Canada's fondest traditions.

    We missed the rodeo aspect of things (man to see the broncos and bull riding, the barrel racing, and the calf wrestling ... the true spirit of the fair) ... but we did get to walk the grounds and enjoy the celebrated chuck wagon racing and the grandstand show. This being the centennial year for the province of Alberta they put on quite a show. It was a long night and one must go to bed to ensure one is on the plane to Victoria tomorrow today. But I will leave you with a few of the sights from today - I have lots more (about 100-150 photos), so we will give private slide shows of the entire trip once we get home (or visit).

    The grounds were lined with games, rides, and shops - and crowded with people

    Joe saw goats, sheep ... and this here ox. Not to mention horses!

    We caught a show ride - these girls (16-21) were good

    Dinner at the fair

    Then it was time for the chuck wagon races ... oh baby!

    Flying the flag high during the national anthem

    The grandstand show featured dancing, singing, comedy, acrobatics ... and music

    The night ended with a spectacular fireworks display

    Posted by csb at 4:13 AM


    Great pics! Looks like it was a fun time. So did you hit up the Barney Sing-Along or what? ;-)

    Posted by: Krishen at July 12, 2005 12:13 PM

    Nope ... that was easily avoided.

    Posted by: Cameron at July 14, 2005 2:06 AM

    Distant touch

    July 9, 2005

    Seems that our place back home is getting our first major hurricane of the season. Now, it is not like we have not been through this before - but at the moment we are not in town. Patches is home alone and our place was not prepared for this (stuff off the patio, windows taped, electronics moved from the windows).

    A big THANK-YOU to Ines and Krishen for bringing all the stuff in from the porch. Latest news has the main part of the storm moving more to the west and away from Sarasota ... which is good for us, but bad for those in panhandle, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana - as the storm will likely pick up steam heading across the gulf. Dropping from a cat 4 (131 - 150 mph winds) to a cat 1 as it crossed Cuba it has already returned to a cat 2 (at 105mph winds).

    And while those in the southern states brace for the early start to this hurricane season ... we are off to the Stampede and our last full day in Calgary, for tomorrow we head out to the Island.

    Posted by csb at 11:11 AM


    As they say in French -- "de rien!" -- it's nothing. Better safe than sorry :) Take lots of pics at the Stampede! I've never been so I'm very curious.

    Posted by: Krishen at July 9, 2005 12:00 PM


    July 8, 2005

    After all the visiting, it was time to head for the hills

    Uncle David suggested that we all go for a trail ride while we are in town ... and we jumped at the chance. In truth, while Melissa and I have both been on horses several times it has been a while (plus ten years) and we have never been on true "trail ride" before. Excited, we loaded up the horses and headed for the hills ... the Kananaskis that is.

    It was so nice to be back home

    Once in the mountains we unloaded the horses and saddled up. Unfortunately we only had two horses so we had to take turns. But ... who's complaining. Joe got his first ride on a horse with Uncle David ... I am sure this will be the first of many. Melissa took the first trail ride as I stayed behind to enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of the surrounding area.

    "... and this is the way the cowboys ride ..."

    Been a long time ... but to be back in the saddle again

    Melissa returned from the 1.5 hour excursion and David and I took to the trails. We first crossed the river before heading up into the back country. The 3.5 hour trek took us through the river, up the rocky trail, and into the fields. The path was wet and muddy due to the rain and flooding of recent, but we pushed through ... and it was worth it. And it got us in the right mood for the Stampede which opened today with the parade ... yee-haa!!!

    Posted by csb at 11:57 AM


    Looks like a lot of fun!

    Posted by: John at July 8, 2005 4:04 PM

    Terror hits London

    July 7, 2005

    We woke this morning to find that terror has once again struck London. Our hearts go out to the families of the victims and the people of Britain as they cope with this unfortunate event.

    Posted by csb at 10:50 AM


    Bow Island

    July 7, 2005

    Today we headed up to Bow Island to visit Melissa's family out on the farm. We enjoyed Dad getting a haircut and a visiting with family. Not to mention great food ... those farmers know how to eat.

    Oma and Joe got along wonderfully, they played together much of the time. Joe was once again fantastic about introducing himself. Thanks to the entire family for welcoming us into their home.

    Posted by csb at 10:28 AM


    Everyone needs a change...

    July 7, 2005

    Melissa's Dad goes under the razor

    Posted by csb at 10:10 AM


    Certainly makes him look younger. I think he looks good with the shaved head. :-)

    Posted by: John at July 7, 2005 10:53 AM

    Wow, he definitely looks younger. Especially the second-to-last shot with the sunglasses. Cool dude!

    Posted by: krishen at July 7, 2005 2:30 PM

    BabyTour: Grounded

    July 4, 2005

    Views from the area ... hoping to get a panorama done, thanks Ben

    As we mentioned it is great to be home. The mountains in the back ground, the rolling hills up front, and the little details make us really wonder what we are doing so far away. They have long walking trails for biking or walking that wind along the banks of the Bow River that just draw you in for a stroll. The air is crisp in the morning while the sunny afternoons remain pleasantly warm. The sun still had not set by 9:30, seemingly extending our day ... which is nice until Joe wants to wake up at 3-4 AM thinking it is his 6 o'clock feeding.

    Our second day took us to church where we saw some of the wreckage the local flooding has caused (they were showing pictures of the summer camp cabins). Looked like a Hurricane had hit ... trees pushed into windows, buildings pushed off their foundations, and heavy water damage to anything left at the camp.

    Then it was off to visit with Great Grandpa Hemphill who is still recovering from a recent fall where he broke a hip. He remains in good spirits and has enjoyed the visits with Joseph ... and we, as always, enjoy our visits with him.

    Joe meets his great grandparents

    Grandma has managed to snag some cuddle time herself

    Joseph and Aunt Kari bond

    This evening Kari and I set up a blog on TypePad for her to test out [http://ktalk.typepad.com]. She has been looking for a way to get pictures on the web and do some write-ups about life. She is expecting to head out east in a few months so is looking for a way to share stories and photos with family and friends back home. I must say ... the system was easy to setup and get running, and at $50/yr (or $5/mth) for 100MB of space the price is good too. I am looking forward to reading more about your life sis!

    Posted by csb at 12:08 AM


    Glad you guys got there safely! Canada looks so beautiful!

    Take care.

    Posted by: Jae Im at July 5, 2005 3:09 PM

    Bahan Baby Tour 2005 beings

    July 3, 2005

    Go for flight at 2 months

    The Bahan clan headed back to Canada today ... a delay in Tampa caused a re-work of the day that passed us through Denver and put us about 3 hours late into Calgary. The long day was negated by the fact we enjoyed several hours with family once our feet were again on the ground. We are happy to be home ... it even smells like home.

    3hr in Denver allowed for a quick snooze

    Dad and Joe look out the window ...

    ... and what a view

    On the ground we met up with the family ... and all the boys on the Eeftens side

    Posted by csb at 12:59 AM


    One more sleep Grandma

    July 1, 2005

    "Well ... all the bags are packed and we are ready to go ... la la la ... cause we're leav'in on a jet plane, don't know when we'll be back again ... leav'in ... on a jet plane ... la la la", ok ... so I can't sing ... but isn't it better that you read this than heard it ???? Yea ... thought so!!! But Chantal blurts it out well :)

    Anyways ... we arrive back in Canada tomorrow evening if all goes well. Happy Canada Day!

    Update @ 4AM, 02 July 2005:
    We are heading out the door ... catch you on the flip side!

    Posted by csb at 10:23 PM


    Hope you had a great flight, say "hello" to everyone for me :)

    Posted by: Krishen at July 2, 2005 9:02 PM