January 2006
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"In the loop"

January 30, 2006

A legend in the Apple community and latest addition to my "almost" daily read list is Guy Kawasaki (his Bio). Over the last several years he has been a founding member and managing director at Garage.com, a company geared at getting start-ups the big bucks.

Well, recently he posted on meeting his "readers" and asked for photos of people to be added to one of his "projects", FilmLoop, and I figure ... hey, why not! So posted the above picture to the "loop" ... and this morning I realized that he had posted it as an addition to a winners collection of his favorites. So ... I have passed along my address and look forward to reading "The Art of the Start". I was looking into buying it anyways ... so this is just a real treat.

Thanks Guy.

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Jazzy night out

January 28, 2006

4th Friday at the Circle

This weekend was launched with us heading down to the "4th Friday in Style" a Jazz outdoor concert at St. Armands Circle. That night featured a Latin style flutist, and at 18 years of age he did quite well. Krishen and Patricia have many more pictures on the evening.

And today, we visited the Mote ... I think we really need to volunteer there, it would be a blast. Joe truely enjoys himself and is making lots of friends with the fishies.

Melissa, Joe and Mr. Hugh Manatee

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The Mote is awesome!

Posted by: Kurt at January 29, 2006 3:54 PM

When you dream

January 27, 2006

... what do you dream about?

Joseph is dreaming of that 5th tooth which is rrrriiiiggghhht there. We were expecting it this morning but no quite yet. The other fang looks to be a longer way off. This comes all at the time that Joe is weening off mommies milk ... a 'bite' on the weekend ensured that process was a go. But ... he seems to be taking to the situation just fine.

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Good song, by the way (Barenaked Ladies' "When you Dream" if anyone didn't catch it).

Posted by: Krishen at February 4, 2006 7:56 PM

Minority once more

January 24, 2006

From cbc.ca, Total seats: 308

Well, this election I was confused. Even had a long-winded posting about the indecision that I faced, just became too disjointed to publish. Though, I must say, even with being out of the country I seem to be on the same page.

This is probably the best result that could have come from this election. The Liberals have been in power for 12 years and were getting complacent, but continue to play into Canada's "middle-ground" value system. The conservatives have several great initiatives and new ideas, but need to be held back from imposing to many extremely conservative social ideals. And Quebec only gave 42.08% of the popular vote to the Bloc which is hopefully enough to quell any separatist desires for the time.

Paul Martin is now stepping down as leader as the Liberal party will hopefully go through some rebuilding. Maybe the Honourable Belinda Stronach will be up for running. A conservative businesswoman with liberal tendencies might just be the right choice -- though she does not appear to be one of the favorites.

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Posted by: Kurt at January 24, 2006 5:50 PM

Weekend vacation

January 23, 2006

Our view from the condo

This past weekend we joined Jae and Cynthia, along with Christopher, Shannon, and Rich for a weekend excursion to Orlando. Staying at my old stomping grounds of Vistana Resorts we packed in a weekend of mini-golf, tennis, swimming, shopping, and general all-round relaxation.

The kids all got to play together for hours, and I must say things wore off. Joe finally started clapping almost as soon as we got home, something Jordan has had masters for weeks now. The girls also appeared to be much more confident about standing as Joe gave them lessons on walking ... also known as the parent heart attack.

It was all-round fun ... thanks guys. We think we should do this at least once every two months ... its only fair to the kids you know!

Joe was showing me how it was done

Mom tried her hand before we finished the round

Before dinner we toured the mall

Christopher's B-Day dinner, mmmm mmm good!

Snapshots for the ages

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Looks like a fun time :) Love the mini golf. We need to do a tournament here at some point :)

Posted by: Krishen at January 23, 2006 11:48 AM

Sorry we missed your call on Sunday. Did Vistana seem different to you as an adult than it did as a kid? Looks like you had a great time. Only 5 weeks or 35 days till we come down there. It will be a long flight leaving Calgary at 0:32am and arriving in Tampa at 2:10 (which is 12:10 our time) totaling almost 12 hours. We have a five hour stop in Toronto. Maybe Aunt Jackie will join us for breakfast.

Posted by: Grandma Pat at January 24, 2006 12:54 AM


January 17, 2006

Good morning to you too ...

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Party like its 1999

January 14, 2006

The party crashers

Its been a while since we had such a get-together, but with Nkosi's b-day this past Wednesday and with him also finding a place in St. Pete we figured it was about time. So ... we invited the gang, fried up the burgers, and cracked a couple beers ... it was a great time.

The next morning we awoke to dishes and disorganization ... however, we did manage to get the food away and the bottles picked that night so it wasn't a big deal. And I had help ... which was fun.

See Dad is doing the dishes ...

"Dad, I can help too."

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Of privacy and cooperation

January 13, 2006

Melissa relayed a story from the news to me at lunch the other day:

A SUV was stolen from the driveway of a couple. And as an extra bonus the thief managed away with the couple's 10-mth old strapped in the back seat ... along with the couples' cell phone. (They had just stepped back inside to grab their other child.)

Horrified the parents reported the situation and the police contacted the cell phone company for a trace of the GPS signal from the phone. The phone company refused stating it was against company policy. An Amber Alert was issued and the vehicle was found about a mile away by a by-stander who noticed the young child in the back.

The cell phone company, Sprint-Nextel, stated that it was a miscommunication. That there are procedures in place (which typically takes about 15 minutes) for just such circumstances. This time it took 2.5 hours ... without any results or cooperation from Sprint. Though such cooperation has worked in the past

Read more: All Headline New or KTLA

We understand the protection or privacy concerns ... but how do you feel about this situation? Personally, I think someone is looking for a new job today.

Update: The Amber Alert was not the cause of the vehicles discovery, just a measure of how far the process had gone.

Posted by csb at 2:45 PM


I think you're likely right. There's the PR-face of the company, and then there's reality. Personally I am amazed how quickly the Amber Alert found the vehicle. I'm not sure Canada has anything like it.

Posted by: Krishen at January 13, 2006 3:12 PM

I don't think the Amber Alert was necessarily what "cause" the discovery ... if I understand it right, a person just found the car - saw the baby and said "thats not right"! However, I imagine that the Amber Alert helped the police respond to the situation a little faster.

The point really was that it had gone that far in procedure, the Sprint still was refusing to assist.

Posted by: Cameron at January 13, 2006 3:19 PM

The quote certainly makes it sound like the Amber Alert was instrumental.

Ah, I see your point now -- how on earth was it miscommunicated for 2.5 hours? Good question.

Posted by: Krishen at January 13, 2006 3:22 PM

Also: now I see what you were saying about the amber alert, too :)

Posted by: Krishen at January 14, 2006 2:53 PM

I would certainly hope that not just anybody can call my cell phone company and get a GPS location on me (truth is that nobody cares where I am that badly except for that one psycho girl...). I am assuming that the person from Sprint could have asked certain privacy questions and determined that in fact they were speaking to the owner of the cell phone, in which case I don't see why Sprint would have a problem with the owner of the phone calling for the location of their own property. Very interesting.

Posted by: Darren at January 16, 2006 5:54 PM

Open spaces

January 11, 2006

Myakka River

... and dreams of those in the dungeons.

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Sounds like a role-playing game.

Posted by: Krishen at January 12, 2006 6:08 PM


January 5, 2006

Patches seeking the protection of mom

So the game of cat and mouse, with a twist, has intensified of late. Down the hallway, round the couches, onto the deck, back inside, back outside, back inside ... seems today that Joe called out "aches" while giving chase. Hee hee ... funny right. But when Patches had had enough fun and disappeared ... he said it again while looking around for her, clearly identifying "atches" with his missing friend.

So, we now have "hi", "dad", and "atches" ... could "mom" be next?

Posted by csb at 4:59 PM


Oh man. That kid is growing up so quickly. I remember when he could fit on your arm. :)

Posted by: Krishen at January 11, 2006 9:10 AM

Rekindled passion

January 2, 2006

How did you start the new year?

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