May 2006
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Mommies Little Man

May 30, 2006

So ... Joe is coming up on 13 months ... incredible how time flies. He has managed to grow over 1/2 an inch in the last week, and about 2-3 inches in the last couple months ... scary for those of us buying the cloths!!!!

He continues in his quest for potty training - two steps forward and one step back - he knows when he has to go. And he knows where he is "suppose" to go ... just sometimes doesn't want to wait that long and the window works just fine! But he is starting to let us know ... at times :-)

The biggest news, over the last couple weeks he has started saying "mommy" ... which has been a big thrill and a long time coming for some. It is also great as he has definitely associated the names with the people - so Melissa and I can pass notes through Joe ... DoJ: Data over Joseph ... most times anyway. The little jokester will sometimes fake passing it to you before pulling it back and running away. Litt'l brat ... but just too much fun to not laugh and have fun with.

Joe also seems to really enjoy the public eye ... digs rock music and will dance to the beat even if it is his own - which is just great to watch - he has even started "grooving" to the tunes with the head bob and all. He really has a knack for putting smiles of peoples faces and putting life in the party. Now ... if only he would learn to stop getting fat lips ... mom hates that!

So, that is the latest in updates from our Mr. Attention Shmoozz. Later alligator :)

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May 27, 2006

Over the last couple days the guys over at MacZOT! have been running a couple promotions: and today we participated in the CollaboZOT game - answer all the questions correctly and get a chance to win. We even developed a new screen saver for the project ... Logopulse. A final version will be out after a little more testing and polishing is done - might even add a couple extra features before all is said and done.

It has been a fun exercise in marketing, but I am curious what you think about these kind of promotions? Should we look at doing this again?

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Travelling Kurt

May 26, 2006

Kurtis snagged himself a position in sweet ol' Alabama ... though the job seems to take him on the road a lot. Not much over a week after arriving he was heading into Colorado ... then to San Deigo ... looks like it is going to be an exciting 16 months interning. To capture and share his adventures he started up a blog, bought himself a camera ... and is telling us the stories. Be sure to check in from time to time - if his first posts are anything of what is to come, I am going to stay glued. Must say ... I am just a wee bit jealous!

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Did you see his camera?! I am definitely jealous.

Posted by: Krishen at May 26, 2006 9:00 PM


May 25, 2006

Sorry for the politics people ... but some things just really rub me the wrong way. Premier Ralph Klein of Alberta is threatening to pull from our "equalization payment" system due to his desire to hold onto the $$ from "their" resources. Alberta ... a powerhouse in todays Canadian economy ... has been really pushing a higher-than-though attitude of late. Sure ... right now they have it good at the moment. Oil is doing well and the northern tar sands has placed Canada into 2nd largest oil producer in the world. But that does not make them and independent member of our family ... but more just makes them sound like a adolescent child searching for their place in the world.

One must think of the whole above the individual ... and the same applies for the provinces. A strong Albertan economy means a strong Canadian economy ... which should just help with a strong global economy. The equalization payments are designed to share the load of struggling provinces across the backs of the entire country - yes a socialist ideal. However, what it does is ensure that a certain quality of life is maintained in all areas of the nation ... the basics health care, infrastructure, and the likes. Cause nothing is worse than being behind the 8-ball ... you can't raise taxes to pay for these things when the economy is sluggish because Mr Citizen can't pay any more.

We have all been through ups and downs ... economies go up and down ... power shifts east-west. This provides some stabilization. I understand the system might not be perfect ... changes might need to be made. But ... remember ... Alberta is a province - not a state. You are part of the family ... part of the whole - you don't stand alone. When you do well - we all do well, when you struggle ... we all feel the pain.

Keep in mind ... when oil is a thing of the past you may not be in such a chest pounding mood.

Now ... there is the criticism ... solutions? The goal ... make things fair and agreeable to everyone. My ideas ... use a formula based off the land size, population, and revenue - which would go far in determining infrastructure and health care costs. Ensure restrictions on the payments to specific areas of 'quality of life'. ALL provinces (and territories) should require payment into a single coffer to meet the QoL quota (percent based off revenues) ... then payments to each province would be made from that - ensuring that each person receives what they need. Now, granted ... this is not simple ... more math would be involved ... more discussions. (I do realize that this is a lot of how things work today and some of what is on the table - it is just what fills my head)

Klein is on his way out ... and just stirring the pot as he goes. It is hard to be king of the hill, everybody is looking to take something away ... just remember - your not the first and you won't be the last. Ontario and British Columbia have both felt your pain in the last 30 years ... keep your perspective.

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The “Government of the Province of Alberta” claims authority from the “Alberta Act”.

The "Alberta Act", drafted in 1905, states: "Therefore His Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate and House of Commons of Canada, enacts as follows:-".

In 1905, Section 9 of the British North America Act, 1867, now called the Constitution Act, 1867, stated: "The Executive Government and Authority of and over Canada is hereby declared to continue and be vested in the Queen".

In 1905, Section 17 stated: "There shall be One Parliament for Canada, consisting of the Queen, an Upper House styled the Senate, and the House of Commons".

In 1905, Section 91 stated: "It shall be lawful for the Queen, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate and House of Commons, to make Laws for the Peace, Order, and good Government of Canada, in relation to all Matters not coming within the Classes of Subjects assigned exclusively to the Legislatures of the Provinces; ...".

What was the name of Canada's constitutional Queen regnant who had executive government and authority of and over Canada when the "Alberta Act" was drafted in 1905?

Posted by: David Wozney at May 25, 2006 10:35 PM

In 1901 the crown passed to King Edward VII who reigned until May 6, 1910. He was succeeded by King George V who reigned until 1936. The next Queen was Elizabeth || who came to the thrown in 1952 after the death King George VI.

Follow the lineage track at:

The "Alberta Act" was written in 1905 under the reign of Edward VII as seen by the documents provided at the Canadian Library and Archives site:

The "British NA Act" of 1867 was written under the reign of Queen Victoria, and passed on through succession. (see opening section of the "Alberta Act".

Posted by: Cameron at May 26, 2006 8:37 AM

David -- for all the moral talk on your homepage, did you ever consider that using the comments area of someone else's blog for your own purposes is akin to stealing?

Posted by: Krishen at May 26, 2006 8:51 PM

Re: Equalization, followup article here.

Posted by: Krishen at June 9, 2006 1:57 AM

Orlando bound

May 23, 2006

Joe and Melissa visit Jordan (and family) in Orlando

This past weekend Melissa and Joe - along with Patricia and Rich - drove north to Orlando to visit with Jae and Cynthia at their new pad. I, unfortunately, stayed behind to try and get a couple things done.

Meanwhile, the gang in Orlando visited the sights and sounds of Disney-town ... including Typhoon Lagoon ...

And you never know what will happen if you stop off at a local café. Joe met and danced to the beat of a couple of younger musicians as they played a little tune. Great fun.

And, a trip into the Disney empire isn't complete without fireworks ...

... all-in-all, I think they all had a great time. Next time Dad want to come too :)

Posted by csb at 9:08 PM


Hi Gang,
Here with your brother Kurtis, he's in Las Vegas
for a visit then heading to San Diego this morning.
Hope everything is well. Joey is adorable!

Love Tea

Posted by: Tea Bahan at May 24, 2006 2:24 PM

Taming the beast

May 17, 2006

Thanks to Christopher for remembering his camera

Last night, Melissa and Joe spent the evening touring the mall with Christopher, Shannon, and Tiffany ... lucky me got to stay at home to ... play. While at the mall, a stop in the vacuum sales area became an adventure all unto its own. First, we all know how much Joe likes those torturous and noisy machines - and now it seemed his nightmares had come true ... an entire army of the beasts. But Joe, not ready to succumb to fear, took on the monsters - capturing and taming one of the smaller beasts.

Once tamed ... Joe figured he could learn to help mommy around the house. Ahh ... learning about chores already ... what a perfect child.

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Hi Gang,
Here with your brother Kurtis, he's in Las Vegas
for a visit then heading to San Diego this morning.
Hope everything is well. Joey is adorable!

Love Tea

Posted by: Tea Bahan at May 24, 2006 2:22 PM


May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!

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Just sit back and relax

May 11, 2006

So ... it was delivery day. Our newest household comforts arrived today from American Signature Furniture: sofa and chair, chest, and a bed. Slash another couple items off our "wish list" ... almost there ... just some more bedroom items (like a dresser) and we will be set. Anyways, here it is ... it just feels so comfortable ... we are really happy.

Living room:


One thing ... the big warehouse sales room did not seem to correctly represent the size of the furniture - cause WOW ... they are huge. The place seems a whole lot more cozy and intimate ... not necessarily bad ... but it really shows in our smaller apartment. Also, they are quite heavy ... which makes any moves in the future a little more expensive (especially longer hauls).

Posted by csb at 4:51 PM


Sure looks nice. We'll have to come and try it out sometime. I'll go and try to find some fabric on Saturday if I can to finish off that toy chest.

Posted by: Grandma Pat at May 11, 2006 9:55 PM

Looks great! About moving; if we can get Krishen's sleeper sofa moved (my back still aches when I hear that word) then we can do your stuff too.

Posted by: Darren at May 17, 2006 9:11 PM

0 percent

May 9, 2006

So ... we checked, double checked and watched as sunny day became sunny day. We have not seen rain in weeks -- if not months ... and it was starting to take a toll. So we felt secure in believing the reports of 0% precipitation until Friday ... well ... WE WERE WRONG. (really, the 0% prediction should have been a big red flag)

So ... last night we piled almost everything in our house out on the deck. Today we have the carpet cleaners coming - a benefit of releasing - and they needed the house floors free of Joe's toys! It was tough - he has a lot of toys!!!!!

The good thing ... we started going through shelves that have been hidden for months and found many items that are being dropped off at the corner donation center. Old toys Joe no longer uses, old sheets that are still good, old shoes that are no longer worn ... and more will go as we reorganize the house post the cleaning. It was a tough night going through a lot of Joe's baby toys ... favorites are really hard to part with ... and really, can he be that old already?

Posted by csb at 9:54 AM


Why would you get rid of favourites that you might need again unless they were not in very good shape?

Posted by: Grandma Pat at May 10, 2006 11:42 AM

Simply put ... space.

There are several toys that no longer interest Joe ... decent items, but no longer suit his age group - but they often take up space ... a very valuable resource.

We saved the special items, like "Monkey", but not everything can sit in the closet. Looking at things today ... Joe's current toys would have to be stored for 2 years before they could be passed to a sibling (not that we are ready to pass those on - but we aren't ready for siblings yet either)!

By the time we are ready for another there will be new toys to try ... until then, I would rather share with those who can use them. So ... if you are expecting - you could be expecting :)

Posted by: Cameron at May 10, 2006 5:20 PM

Milestone weekend

May 8, 2006

The army is back to reclaim their stuff

It has been over three years since we moved down here and this July marks anniversary #5 (kinda like the Mambo #5 - with a slightly different beat). We managed to ditch most of my old "university furniture" when we made the move down to Florida ... but the move took a lot out of us. So cardboard boxes and table cloths formed our shelves, couches, and tables - and all was good. After a few months we upgraded to a steal we found at the Salvation Army - a hide-a-bed and love seat for just a couple hundred. A great deal ... a couple slip covers and they did the job nicely.

Joe gets a larger playroom for a couple days

However, over the last couple years Melissa and I have managed to pinch our pennies and save up a little for a couple "growth" items. We want to redo the living room and bedroom ... taking us out of the days of skimping by and into something we are going to have for a couple years. So, we have ordered in a new sofa and oversized chair for our living room, a wooden chest for Joe's toys, and a bed frame with headboard and footboard - all of which arrive on Thursday. Our place is shaping into a home.

Now, we just need a new T.V. and the living room will be complete! Though, somehow I think Joe and I are going to have to wait for Melissa's "bedroom set" - maybe next spring!

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Settling in

May 5, 2006

Joe stops to check on what his cousin is scheming

Once things settled from the birthdays Joe seemed to pick up a flu bug ... nasty stuff that is. He is also cutting another two teeth and just got another set of shots - all while trying to get over jet lag. But things are starting to calm down. He is getting back on schedule ... but it must be so hard.

He has picked up one new habit ... taste testing. Now, we know he has been sticking basically anything he finds in his mouth (and we do mean anything - to his horror at times) ... but he has started to decide he is picky about his food. Melissa tells of him taking a bite ... chewing a bit ... thinking about it ... then opening for another bite - or refusing any more. Hmmmm!

He has also started throwing temper tantrums - a new skill learned from his older cousins I am sure. Listen here Joe ... your not allowed to start that behaviour until your at least 2! The best part is when you just break out laughing at him ... he stops and looks at you like your "right screwed up" - even laughing himself at times. We think most of the new found fussy behaviour is a product of the schedule, shots, flu, and incoming teeth ... we expect him to be right back to normal again soon.

Then again ... he is 1 (errrrr, 12 months - sorry dear)!

Posted by csb at 10:04 AM


I can't believe that Joe is 1 already and....walking! Good job Joe!! Keep your parents running, just send them running back to Victoria.

Posted by: Liz :) at May 10, 2006 12:03 PM


May 2, 2006

Today marks a big day for Mr Joseph Lorne Bahan.
A review of the first days of his wonder life span.

His first breath, his first smile.
His first tug, his first mile.

His first taste, his first drink.
His first diaper, his first stink.

His first outing, his first nap.
His first game, his first cap.

His first tooth, his first hair.
His first apple, his first pear.

A first fight, a first cry.
A first tear, a first french fry.

A first flight, a first hike.
A first fall, a first piggy-back-ride.

First rain, First sun.
First snow, First fun.

His first step, his first stroll.
His first run, he is hard to control.

His first visit, his first guest.
His first clap, his first cheer.

How big is Joseph?
Still rings in my ear.

His first hockey game.
His first soccer kick.
His first toy. His first stick.

His first hug, his first kiss.
His first "Daddy", I did not miss.

And the first is not the last, this is not where we will stay.
For today, this, his very First Birthday.

Happy Birthday Joe!
Love Mom and Dad.

Posted by csb at 1:15 PM


Happy birthday, Joe! Seems like you were just born yesterday.

Posted by: Krishen at May 4, 2006 1:08 PM

Happy Birthday Joe!!

Someone's been feeding you alot of cake ;)

~Uncle Kurt

Posted by: Kurt at May 4, 2006 6:58 PM

Is the poem an original? Hope all these birthday parties were fun. The pics sure make one think they were.
Love Grandma Pat

Posted by: Grandma Pat at May 4, 2006 11:14 PM

"First", which I suppose is the title, is an original. I spent a while trying to find a means to capture all the moments that have thrilled us so in the last year - a poem seemed appropriate. (Just wish I was a poet!)

The parties were a blast ... but ... you can't really go wrong with cake and kids :)

Posted by: Cameron at May 5, 2006 9:46 AM

Happy Birthday Joe!! I Love you

Posted by: Antie Kari at May 6, 2006 12:23 PM

You did and excellent job on the poem!!! We were impressed! Now to just get grandpa going with this new web cam so we can be more involved in our grandson's life even if it is via the internet.
Love grandma Pat

Posted by: Grandma Pat at May 6, 2006 3:12 PM