February 2007
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February 26, 2007

Picture stolen from the HPSN Insider, hope they don't mind :-)

Well, it has been a long road but milestone #1 has been cleared. After a relaxing weekend with Joe and Melissa ... and, of course, Krishen it was back to the mines today. Switching gears was a bit rough as I sorted through our logs, notes, and plans ... after five days out of the office doing demos there is a lot of information to capture.

The conference went exceptionally well from my perspective ... the crowd was buzzing with our new offerings - as was our staff. The demo room, where I hung my hat, was packed most of the time as we ran non-stop demo sessions for almost the entire 5 day show. For me it was a chance to step out from behind the curtain and interact with the customers, and I can't help but to take their ideas and insights back to the code.

Even with the conference in full swing, I managed to step out to two hockey games, one with Melissa and Joe on Friday, and one with the gang from STARS mid-week. It was great to hang with the guys from home - and there were plenty from throughout BC and Alberta. As well as from Saskatewan, Ontario, and many other locations throughout Canada. Combined with folks from all around the world and you have quite the party.

Anyways ... work is expected to continue to push forward as we tie on the final bells and whistles. Milestone #2 is on the doorstep.


At home, we have put the finishing touches on my office as our desk came in. Looks nice ... thanks M! Otherwise, my weekend off consisted of sleeping, watching movies, playing with Joe and chasing a spinning disc through the air ... which my legs are now telling me was something I have not done for a while.

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Congratulations Cam! I would have loved to have attended your conference and watched all the demos from your hard work!I am sure it was all spectacular!Way to go!

Mom (bev)

Posted by: beverly booth at March 1, 2007 10:07 PM

Never to young, Never to far south

February 19, 2007

Well, it has been a long time coming ... almost too long. I was getting the itch for some ice, and Joe ... was more than thrilled to come along. For that matter ... Melissa was pretty excited herself.

Watch the movie

Dawning the skates and a helmet from christmas, Joe took to the ice ... well, like anyone takes to ice the first time. WoooooooOO!

But we were there to lend a helping hand, and with a little practice he started picking it up. The skates were left dull for this first go and I think that actually slowed him down. He was dragging Mom all over the ice, and managed several strides all on his own. It was great fun for Mom and Dad to watch.

And ... we will just have to see what the future has in store ...

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Cute. Looks like he was having a good time.

BTW, I think you mean donning.

Posted by: John at February 19, 2007 10:41 AM

Now give him a stick to sleep with at night ^^

Posted by: Kurt at February 19, 2007 11:12 PM

I think he is a natural and such talent!
love grandma bev

Posted by: beverly booth at February 20, 2007 11:44 AM

Another great video.. I'm telling you Cam, I think you've got a real artsy side..

Posted by: Krishen at February 21, 2007 12:10 AM

Couldn´t watch the video but the photos were just wonderful!


Posted by: Patrícia at February 22, 2007 4:05 AM


February 15, 2007

Time together has been much needed, so we made sure to spend it cuddled up on our couch enjoying some fruit, chocolate, and good company. Much deserved, much needed, much appreciated.

So, about that couch ... well it came with a new room. Turns out that while I have been working hard at the office Melissa has been painting and cleaning up our "spare" room. We have a good 6 months (she insists another year) of time before I lose it, so in the mean time - we have added a new couch/day bed and have a new desk on the way. The room is soooo cozy and peaceful ... she really did a wonderful job. Working as a office/tv room combo we enjoyed a movie on the laptop ... guess we either need a bigger TV or a bigger computer monitor .... hmmm :) My birthday is coming up if anyone is curious about what to get me ... either / both would be fine ;)

Hope everyone else enjoyed the 14th as well.

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Time with Dad

February 7, 2007

The last few weeks ... stretching on months ... has been insanely busy, but one thing I try to do is spend some quality time with the family. Joe is growing and learning so fast you just need to stop and take a break with him every now and then.

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He's a cutey, that's for sure!

Posted by: John at February 7, 2007 2:30 PM

Is it just me or does Cam have a bald spot?

Posted by: Melissa Bahan at February 7, 2007 7:05 PM

He is growing so quickly - and so adorable...Cam too!
love, Grandma Bev

Posted by: beverly booth at February 8, 2007 12:33 AM

Awwww... such a cutie :)

Posted by: Krishen at February 12, 2007 7:52 AM

That's why I married him. ;)

Posted by: Melissa Bahan at February 12, 2007 4:28 PM


Posted by: Krishen at February 14, 2007 10:57 PM

haha bald, i can see it coming in. he can always get transplants you know...

Can't wait to see Joe next and he soon to be sibling!

Posted by: Brendan at February 15, 2007 8:55 PM