November 2007
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On the move...

November 25, 2007

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Thought we would share a little something that just started this week ... now we have to keep both eyes open!!!

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November 24, 2007

Oh ... you gotta love Turkey dinner, and even though it was Melissa's first ... it ranks up there as one of the best. Thanks to her and our guests for a wonderful evening.

It also marks the start of our countdown until we head home.

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Back in the real world

November 21, 2007

When did he get this big?

So, I am back in town. Actually, I have been for quite some time, I just failed to let you all know :) Trip home was good and being back with family is better.

Speaking of family. This past weekend our family was invited to a ice-skating birthday party for our neighbour, Happy 8th Gabby! Thanks for inviting us skating ... it was a blast to get out on the ice again. And I know Joe had a good time; he kept us there watching hockey after the party was over, and hasn't stopped talking about skating and hockey since!

Owen was right there parting it up too. He even developed a slick maneuver to snag your drink and/or food while you look the other way. His dexterity is getting really good.

Since he was so interested in the pizza, we thought we would try something more "his age" when we got home.

And does he like it?? Mouse-over the picture

Then Sunday it was to the beach ... where we got a chance to just sit back and relax for a few hours. The water was gorgeous and the weather was perfect.

Happy Thanksgiving folks ... hey, I take the long-weekends as I get them, even if they are late :)

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"The water was gorgeous and the weather was perfect."

What's the word for mild hatred to use here ...

Posted by: Kurt at November 22, 2007 12:36 PM

Ich benötige nach Hause für einen Rest

November 11, 2007

obwohl ich hasse zu gehen.

Today was the start of the carnival, Mainzer Fassenacht, season which is "opened" on the 11 day of the 11 month at 11:11. (which is a stark difference to our Remembrance Day). It was very busy and quite fun; people were all dressed in costumes, there was live music, and of course ... beer and wine was on tap! (the popular drink was Gluehwein, a hot spiced red wine)

After a couple hours of partying with die lokalen Leute, I got back on the tourist boat and visited a couple cathedrals. One had the doors open for visitors (I did not take pictures as I am not sure it was open for tourists per say) ... but it had a amazing pipe organ and a painted ceiling.

But, instead of hitting the museums and such, I took headed out to hit a couple sights and see where things took me. My only requirements: I wanted to see the newly discovered Roman theater and hit a local micro-brew (said to have the best beer in town).

After finding the Roman ruins, I took a left down a road that was calling my name.

During the trek, I found the old walls of the city, a friendly football match, and just took some time to soak (literally) in my last few hours.

And no, I didn't forget about my beer, bratwurst and sauerkraut ... which was amazing.

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wow, I hate you :P

Posted by: Kurt at November 12, 2007 3:40 AM

Nice :) Sounds like a great time. Bet you can't wait to get back, ha ha ha ;)

Posted by: Krishen at November 12, 2007 8:14 AM

i agree with kurt on all the comments i so wish i were you ...or that we get posted there sometime looks amazing!

Posted by: kari at November 12, 2007 8:59 PM

Arbeit und Spiel

November 10, 2007

Mainz University

So, today was the last day of our conference ... tomorrow I have a meeting and then some time to look around now that I know more about the area. I really feel comfortable about getting around, small city ... all walkable ... and GREAT landmarks :)

Saint Bonifatius, lived 675 - 754

City skyline from the hotel

The streets at night

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Don't get kidnapped down that street, Joe needs someone to show him the basics of hockey before his uncle shows him how to really play.

Posted by: Kurt at November 10, 2007 11:59 PM

Ein anderer Tag

November 8, 2007

I am enjoying the city and the area, but work began today. I will get out and have fun again soon. The biggest thing is actually getting the nerve to try the phrases you have been practicing ... without breaking away and going alone you don't get to try, just to easy to step back into english. Must try harder ... but I am understanding, at least some. Just wish I had more time ...

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Looking like quite the nerd there. Makes me proud!

Posted by: Kurt at November 8, 2007 10:57 PM

Ich bin hier

November 7, 2007

The river Rhine, as seen from my hotel room.

I made it ... safe and sound. We toured a little this morning since we could not check into the hotel. The city is small and very comfortable, and built for walking around. I am expecting to get back out on the streets again shortly.

I still can't really believe I am actually here. Woo Hoo!

The fall colours are really showing their true beauty right now, an extra treat.

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Damn you're lucky!!!
I might get to go to Switzerland in Feb. I'm hoping, would be so awesome! More pics please!!

Posted by: Kurt at November 7, 2007 2:58 PM

More pictures please. Too much exploring. Not enough posting. Think of the ones you left behind! ;)

Posted by: Melissa Bahan at November 8, 2007 7:57 PM

Deutschland bound

November 6, 2007

Stowaways are common

Well, I am off ... almost ... still packing. Yes, I love the last minute.

It has been a long time since I have been overseas ... 15 years in fact. Last time I headed west ... to the far east (shortcut - honest). This time I am heading east. While I am going for work I am expecting to get a little sight seeing in.

Sarasota to New York to Frankfurt train. I will be staying in Mainz for those interested.

I will be back in a week, just wish I could be taking everyone with me. OH, I am soooooo excited, feel like a kid again.

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Sounds like a fun trip. Hope the jet-lag doesn't hit you too hard. Be sure to bring Joe back something good!

Posted by: John at November 6, 2007 11:57 AM