February 2008
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February 24, 2008

So, we talked a little about things getting nuts at work ... and losing track of things here. But last week was fun ... work hard - play hard! Though ... now it is time to sleep hard (hello weekend!).

But a couple things have happened ... and should be logged if nothing else. First, Joe has started going potty ... by himself. I woke up to him saying that he had just gone, he had managed to slide himself onto the toilet and go. Melissa tells me he has been going using a step stool, but that this was new. He also got up from bed tonight to go ... we just heard him upstairs. Great news on that front.

Owen continues to get better on his feet. He eats extremely well and is very mobile. To top it off, I noticed he was moving into a seated position ... standing, sitting, crawling ... only thing left is walking. And I doubt that will be much longer. (Now, Melissa tells me that he has been sitting for a while - where have I been?)

That ... and Owen has cut is first tooth since we last talked. Thought I saw another poking through. Oh how I know that Melissa is excited about that one.

Lastly, we pulled into a shopping mall parking lot the other night and Joe pipes up "look, Bealls" ... now we don't shop there regularly - at the chain that is. Last time we were at that store was over two months ago. So, caught us a little off guard ... but great news.

So it is great to be home and catching up on all these new things ... I look forward to being home a little more.

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The last photo has Owen looking very sharp.... he must take after his grandpa!

Posted by: Grandpa at February 27, 2008 12:07 AM

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February 7, 2008

So ... we dropped off for a bit there. Well, to put things in context ... HPSN! We have been here before so I am sure you understand :). However, that is not to say life has completely dropped off. We did get out to see the Canucks come to town.

It was fun to get all dressed up ... turns out there are quite a few Canucks fans hiding in the cracks of this town ... we were all over, it was great. Joe and Owen also snagged a puck from the rink crew and a Bobble-Head doll to add to their room.

And while our team did not win ... it was a fun game.

Its also spring time again ... and its starting to show.

Making friends

One ... two ... ... seventeen!!! WoW!

There's mommy

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Font is a bit big bro :p

Canucks losing isn't really a shocker :p

Posted by: Kurt at February 9, 2008 5:50 AM