March 2008
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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

March 31, 2008

So I came north and what did I find ... but white snow flakes and slush of kind.

Anyways, my day in Minneapolis comes to an end and I now prep to leave for Spring Field, IL at 6am - so it will be an early morning. Kind of too bad really, the snow has been fun to watch with no time to play. Though, this is west coast snow ... wet, slushy, and not planning to stay long. To bad I forgot the camera ...

(For note, I am really an odd one out ... people here are really ready for spring)

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Easter Weekend Treasures

March 25, 2008

So, we started easter weekend with the traditional decorating of the eggs with our neighbours. Sunday morning then began with the discovery of Mr Cottentail's hidden goodies.

The boys raced to fill their baskets

Joe shows off his finds

Owen managed to collect some bounty

Sunday afternoon we joined the McCoy's for a small hunt with their church ... small as in 14,000 eggs. It was great fun with great friends. Joe stole the camera and captured a few shots on his own.

Photo by: Joe Bahan

Photo by: Joe Bahan

And ... well, Owen just enjoyed the candy ...

[Side note: Owen did manage to take 4 complete steps on his own, oh Joe your in trouble now]

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Mote Morning

March 23, 2008

So, mom left us this morning in a prep for her upcoming disappearing act. She felt that going and getting a spa treatment would be "good for the soul" ... while sending me out on the town with the two boys would be "good for the soul" ... hmmmm. Anyways, with Christopher and Shannon there as well I did manage to get the two boys to "Sharkapalooza" at Mote Marine Laboratory ... and they both had fun.

We spent the morning in a play class where we sang songs, played games, and did crafts. While Joe was a part of the class, Owen was sure to stay interested and as much a part of things as he could be ... even stealing some of Joe's snacks!

Then it was time to tour the aquarium ... turtles, dolphins, and of course the sharks. We had a great day with the McCoy's - Joe and Tiffany have so much fun together. And I think we learned a lot ... heck, I had both boys out on the town without mom for four hours and they survived. Guess four days is going to be a peace of cake ;)

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Fireman Joe

March 21, 2008

Good Friday was just that. A day where Melissa woke up and realized that in a couple weeks she would be steaming through the islands of the Caribbean on board a pleasure craft to fit her dreams. Course ... those dreams also include no husband, no children, and some pure peace and quiet. Ahh ... lucky woman me thinks :)

But ... it also was a day where we got to visit the local fire station. Joe has been asking for a while, so today we stopped by the station to say hello. The folks there were great, taking Joe on a tour and showing him all the nooks and crannies of the trucks. He even got to sit in the drivers seat.

The trucks were a bit scary, but over time they became a lot more fun. Think Joe had a good time. (The "wee-ooo" trucks will be talked about for a while I am sure) On a funny note, he references the sounds they make by "ta-tu ta-ta", oh how books influence the kids (present from my trip to Germany).

I have to send a big thanks to the Firemen of Sarasota County ... you guys made a couple kids very happy today (and yes, by kids I also include Melissa!).

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Getting back up

March 18, 2008

So, we have been down for far longer than we were suppose to be. But slowly things are getting back to normal.

Though I imagine that most of you have seen this, figured I would pass it along anyways. Just a look at things we do for fun while the website is offline...

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March 5, 2008

Our webserver is currently undergoing a migration and upgrade, we will be back in a couple days ... Thank you for your patience.

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Good luck! Things seem snappy so far.

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