May 2008
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Soccer Mom

May 24, 2008

Go Team!

So Melissa's dream has finally come true ... she is now officially a "Soccer Mom". Last weekend we hit an open house for an indoor soccer league with our group of friends. All the kids had a blast, including Owen, so we signed up. Owen, disappointed, has to wait another 6 months until he can join as the minimum age is 18mths -- though, he could hold his own out there I think.

Owen finds fun on the side lines!

This week was the first day of our new Saturday experience. And Joe took to things right away. While an hour was a bit long for him - guess we will lay low on the syrup on pancakes for breakfast - but he was right involved with the group and needed very little of mom or dad (good for him ... sad for us).

Joe finds his footing on the field

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Birthday Joe

May 2, 2008

So, It was Joe's birthday today ... a full three years old now. And at his request we had hotdogs down at the pool with several of his friends.

Joe is now canon-balling into the pool

Tiffany enjoys her cupcake

By the end of the day we were all tired and ready for bed

Current statistics:
Weight: 31 lbs
Height: 36 3/4

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