August 2008
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Breath in deep

August 28, 2008

So, we arrived in town and have been busy visiting - both the family and the area in general. With my brother getting married this weekend we though it good to go out and check some of the possible photo-shoot areas around my grandparents. Personally, don't think you can beat these backdrops.

Talk about a peaceful backdrop

So vibrant are the colors in the area

There Brendan goes, once again climbing the trees


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Morning coffee

August 27, 2008

Oh ... isn't it great to be home!

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Playing hard

August 14, 2008

With the wedding coming up at the end of the month it was time to start fitting the suit, and trying out your moves.

To add to the fun, Kurt is in town ... and that means play time. He and the boys have been having a great time - even if I have to spend the day at work. Today Melissa and the kids (Kurt included) were lucky enough to once again join our neighbours as they took their boat to the water. A little sun never hurt anyone.

Mom and Joe go for a ride

Bonding time with the Uncle

Oh ... how good it feels to sleep

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