October 2008
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The Rally

October 31, 2008

Sen. Obama arrives at the Sarasota rally

On Thursday, Melissa and the boys got to experience some of this insane political campaign first hand. Over the last couple week both candidates have visited our little community as they fight for the last few votes.

Obama stirs the crowd

Melissa says the speech was the same as you get on TV, but the crowd was fun.

Look at the crowd

Joe seemed to know exactly what was going on, enough to even throw in some sarcasm responding to a "who are you voting for?" with "McCain" and his sly smile. Later as he was dropping down for a nap he told mom "thank you for taking me to Obama today".

Waving as he leaves

Living the life ... even if it feels a little wrong

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Beach, boats, and tubes

October 18, 2008

Arriving home on Thursday night after being gone for a week, it was time to spend some good quality time with the family. Melissa had already arranged to enjoy the day at the beach with our neighbours ... sunshine, camp grill, and sand. Things couldn't get much better.

I get it, you missed me

Owen was ready for the day

So, after we ate - oh grilled hotdogs and hamburgers - Owen and I had a short nap on the picnic table bench. But after that it was time to hit the water ... literally!

Point Melissa

It was a long battle though many twists and turns ... and it was a LOT of fun. Joe even got a chance to take a ride with Dad and Mom ... and somehow managed to knock both of us off leaving him slinging along the waves solo.

Oh, doesn't this shot just say it all!

It was a good day for the whole family


I would also like to send a quick congratulations to Byron and Tracy who celebrated the arrival of Cassandra Lynn at just after 7am this past Thursday. Enjoy the expansion of the family.

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The San Francisco Treat

October 13, 2008

Well, I am out west for a few days making my first trip to San Francisco. After two days of setting up our booth we took a Saturday off and headed out on the town ... well, we headed out of town. We crossed the bridge and headed for an afternoon in Napa Valley doing some wine tastings.

This evening after a full day of working once more we went for dinner on the warf and then took the cable car home. Now, that is a must ride for those visiting (not that it isn't a tourist attraction already). The driver was hilarious and the whole 'cable car' concept is rather interesting as a transit mechanism. I so wish the boys were here ... they would have loved this so much.

Enjoy some quick shots from the trip so far...

The Point Bonita Lighthouse

Jacuzzi Family Winery

V. Sattui Winery

The Rock ... as it stands

Don't call it a trolly ... this is a Cable Car!

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The "wee-whoo" trucks arrive

October 5, 2008

A big thanks goes out to the Sarasota and Manatee county fire departments for a great start to fire safety month. We first headed out to home depot for our "first Saturday of the month" ritual where they had fire trucks and firefighters helping out with the Kids Workshop.

The task: build a fire truck complete with whistle

Joe was nervous meeting the fire fighter in full gear

Without the mask though they were buddies

We had a full crew ... load up and lets roll!

After Home Depot, it was time to head down to a local station to meet up with Devin, Krishen, Joy, Janna and little Anna. There the county has a large training facility and were running an open house for the public.

We got to ride in some trucks...

They flew in a helicopter...

Showed us some of their stuff...

And over all blow a lot of smoke ... it was a great day!

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