November 2008
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Tis the season ... once again!

November 30, 2008

Over the last week we started rolling into the christmas season. Melissa started plugging the carols in the car and teaching the kids to sing, Nana came for a visit and brought the spirt of snow ... well, she brought the cold(er) air, and we started getting the house in order.

Building a Gingerbread house with Nana

Late-night s'mores, roasted over a fondu burner

Then what should be a traditional outing to the Jungle Gardens for the holiday night lights with the gang.

Joe had no problems rushing to talk with Santa

Owen was not so comfortable, but got in a visit

Joe enjoyed his first caroling experience

With all the excitement of this week and the extended U.S. Thanksgiving break it was time to put the tree together...

O'Christmas tree, O'Christmas tree

And we just all rolled into the christmas spirit ...

Owen started off the season of portraits

Shiloh is such a good sport with us

My hottie ... gotta love the holidays!

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Maybe in a few years

November 14, 2008

Do you know that feeling you get you know that something is out of place? Now combine that with a distant voice breaking your early morning rest and you get a sense of how we felt as we woke a 6:30 this morning.

We were stirred this morning by Joe's voice ... loud but distant. Melissa immediately thought he was just outside our bedroom door and went to check on him ... me ... I looked out our open bedroom window - we both found nothing. So Melissa headed downstairs to investigate further ... and what she found brought a sense of relief and strike of fear at the same time...

There was Joe standing outside our lanai ... on the grass. Locked out and calling to us to get back in. There was Shiloh ... leash hanging from her neck just inside the door looking out at Joe.

Evidently, Joe had woken early in the morning (darn day-light savings) and following instructions from mom went downstairs and let us sleep. Well, kind of following instructions from mom ... she had told him not to wake the house if he got up early as he has a habit of first waking Owen ... then coming and waking us ... all at like 5 or 6am.

He turned on the TV to the animal channel, played a little Starfall on the computer ... and then decided that Shiloh needed a little care. So he filled her food dish and opened the locked sliding door, placed a stool to reach the outside latch, and tried to take her out for her morning walk.

What a big boy ... being so thoughtful and helping out ... but at just over 3 and a half it tends to scare the bejeava's out of his parents. Time to upgrade our locks and ease our nerves.

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Dress-up for treats

November 2, 2008

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So ... Halloween has come again. This year we experienced both the past and the future as the Owen took on the role of T-Rex and Joe once again donned his space suit for another trip into orbit. And as has become a tradition, halloween was proceeded with our "haunted woods" weekend camping trip. Pumpkin carving, camp fires, hotdogs ... and solid family fun.

Joe got his hands dirty this year

Yum! Melissa cooks breakfast over the open flame

And the kids had a great time

We also had a great time a the "trick and trunks" with our neighbours ... bobbing for apples, riding horses, and of course the treats! Be sure to check out our picture gallery of this years Halloween Antics.

And for a little instant fun...

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