January 2009
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Our Big Boy: Joe

January 26, 2009

This night, the night of the twenty-sixth of January in the year two-thousand nine, marks another milestone in the life of Joseph Lorne Bahan. A milestone of independence. A milestone that brings a feeling of exhilaration and pride to his parents.

For tonight ... Joe woke up, went potty, and returned to himself to bed.

Melissa had heard him wake up ... and was surprised to hear him in the bathroom. She only made it partially upstairs when she heard him leave the bathroom followed by his bedroom door shutting behind him. A few minutes later she would enter to check on him and he had returned to his slumber ... asleep and dry she could only tuck him in.

Good Job Joe! Now, can you teach the same trick to Owen??

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January 16, 2009

Joe had an interesting idea as we were preparing for bed tonight ... "can we sleep in our tent tonight?" So we pulled out the sleeping bags and tucked the kids in.

Bedtime stories by flashlight

Sleep does come

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The walls come down

January 14, 2009

Owen spends his first night in a big kid bed

With the trip home coming up, Melissa thought it would be good to get Owen use to sleeping without containment ... and Owen thought it was a good idea too.

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NOOONNNNOOOO i am not ready for him to be this big yet slow down owen i didnt get enough baby time in with you!

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Rocket Tours

January 4, 2009

So as the holiday winds down we are enjoying the company of Melissa's dad who flew in on Friday. As we were sitting there catching up we discovered that he has never been to Kennedy Space Center ... so there we had it - our holiday travel plans were set.

Picking up our standard 12 month passes we also snagged the "Then and Now" tour which takes you over to the air force side of things. There you can visit the old pads of Gemini and Mercury, and even Apollo 1 and 7. We also got a glimpse of a couple Delta 2 rockets and a Delta 4 rocket sitting on the pad awaiting their launch dates.

Joe shows us the Bomarc missile

Launch pad for Apollo 1 and 7

Back at KSC we were able to catch the rocket garden, the Apollo center, and tour the Orbiter model.

Don't worry, we will bring her back fueled up

How many people can you fit in the Freedom 7 capsule

Unfortunately, time limits prevented us from catching the IMAX films or the Shuttle Launch Experience ... but that just leaves you wanting to come back for more. It was a long day and by the time we reach home it was time for all of us to head to bed.

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There are days...

January 2, 2009

... where home in Florida does not seem so bad!

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Hey I am digging the new layout!

happy new year :)

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Thanks, still some tweaks to do. But I am happy with the changes so far.

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11:59:60 ... 2008 gives us an extra second of fun

January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

We rang out 2008 + 1 second this evening with our good friends and neighbours Pam and Tara. Couple glasses of champagne and some noise makers ... who needs the big crowds!

Last year we looked ahead and figured 2008 to be a tough year for us ... and so it was in almost every aspect. We did not meet all the goals of last year, but we did not too bad and 2009 is right there waiting for us. I weened my hours back at work and spent more time with the boys, we got home for Brendan's wedding - but we did not get out as much as we hoped.

So for this year...

1. Continue the family fun
The past year we started to participate in more things as a family unit, this year I hope to do continue that.

2. Owen takes to the potty
Owen has started to be interested in going on the toilet ... so hopefully we can secure this routine.

3. Sports
Both Joe and Owen have now been skating a couple times. Joe's feet are starting to fit his skates and Owen is growing into Joe's old pair ... so while we did not get out a lot last year I hope to get out more this year. We will also have both boys in soccer starting right away ... how fun is that eh?

4. Exercise in general
Yes ... seems age is catching up to me. And the "Iron Gym" that the kids bought me I guess is intended to push me into losing some new found ... rolls?? We also hope to start rollerblading a little more ... the dog likes it :)

5. Get to 2010
With two kids ... and Melissa turning 30 ... will make this goal the most "fun" of all.

Well, raise a glass to 2008 ... and then lets bring on 2009 ...

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hey this is neat

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