September 2011
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There is no mobile web

September 17, 2011

So, it has been a while since I was in Nashville and I really enjoy the area. Its just so green ... though, maybe that was the 2,881 guest room hotel with a 4.5 acres atrium.

Also managed to sneak out for one night to check out the Nashville downtown, these web geeks really know how to party.

In amongst all this fun, however, I was there to learn. And wow what an incredible three days with some incredibly smart people. These guys are real thought leaders and provided a lot of inspiration and advice.

Major things to take away:

  • There is no mobile web - there is only one web
  • Content First - Navigation Second

  • Place menu and navigation options are the bottom on smaller screens

  • Let the content be the navigation where possible
  • Use Responsive or Adaptive Web Design techniques

  • Responsive design applies to application designs as well
  • Stop using pixel-perfect designs, it creates invalid expectations

  • Use prototypes for reviews, often just as fast
  • Designing for iOS/WebKit in 2011 is like designing IE4 in 2001
  • Mobile access to the web is growing at 8 times the growth rate what the internet adoption rate was
  • Beware of assuming user context; most usage is actually in the home
  • Native can still be important, limits to devices and types - watch use cases

  • Watch that you don't stack controls; results in mis-taps

  • Watch that you don't hide navigational content and previews with users hands
  • Keep forms simple - long complex forms result in lost users

  • Explain how requested info is used, people are more comfortable when knowing why
  • The one main rule for applying design guidelines: It Depends

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